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Cost Guide: Ear Piercing And Where Can You Do It In Singapore

Kendra Tan

Kendra Tan

Last updated 08 December, 2021

Find out which professional piercing parlours offer clean, safe, and affordable services.

Planning to get an ear piercing? Whether you're looking for a simple lobe or daith piercing, be sure to get it done by a professional. Because when it comes to piercings, the last thing you want to get is a nasty infection.

Which part of your ear are you piercing?

Before you pierce your ears, you need to know exactly where you are piercing. To help you out with that, here’s a picture of the different types of ear piercings and their names: 

Source: Reddit

Ear piercing methods

Piercing guns

Piercing guns are reusable (which may not be that sanitary, considering you can’t thoroughly clean a piercing gun) between clients, but no part of the gun comes into contact with your skin — only the plastic mount or cartridge is, but this will be discarded after the piercing. 

Many shops use this method of piercing, but it is widely criticised among professional body piercers due to its aggressive, blunt force. Piercing guns ram a hole through your ear, which may result in permanent damage to the tissue inside the earlobe.

Piercing needles

Piercing needles, on the other hand, are much safer and supposedly less painful than piercing guns.

Firstly, needles are one-use-only so you don’t run the risk of getting in contact with someone else's bodily fluids. Secondly, the needle is hollow inside and has a sharp point which results in a much cleaner hole, with lesser tissue damage compared to a gun.

Source: Shopee

Disposable cartridge ear piercing system

Also a one-use-only device, a disposable cartridge ear piercing system ensures the prevention of communicable diseases and infection. 

It works by pushing the piercing stud through your ear by squeezing a handle, rather than aggressively firing it with a pressurised spring action (AKA the piercing gun). This method causes less trauma to the tissue. 

What to take note of when picking your piercing parlour

Although piercing studios in Singapore are generally safe and clean, there’s no harm in calling up prior to your appointment to make sure that they sanitise reusable equipment after every customer and/or use disposable needles and cartridges. 

Also, make sure that the person doing your piercing is wearing gloves at all times, especially when coming into contact with your skin, handling piercing equipment and your studs. 

Piercing aftercare

Speak to your piercing artist about aftercare when you’re done, especially if you’re a first-timer. Some parlours will give you an aftercare solution, or recommend that you purchase one. Observe your new piercing daily, and see a doctor immediately should there be any allergic reaction or infection after the process. 

Why you should not DIY your ear piercing

You may argue that ear piercing is akin to poking a hole through your ear, but if done incorrectly or in unsanitary conditions, it can lead to infections, severe bleeding or even permanent nerve damage. Now, you don’t want that, do you?

Professional Ear Piercing Parlours In Singapore And Their Costs

ParlourPiercing method/sCost of piercingIncludes
B*DazzleDisposable cartridge ear piercing systemFree with purchase of earrings from $49- Six-week free aftercare service
LovisaStudex System 75Free with purchase of earrings, $35- Free aftercare solution
- Teddy bear and certificate for children above three years old
Piercing Clinic- Disposable cartridge ear piercing system
- Needle
From $80 per ear- Surgical stud
StellarSGDisposable cartridge ear piercing systemFree with any purchase of ear studs- Free aftercare solution
- Certificate of accomplishment
20% off hypoallergenic earrings coupon


Cost: Free with purchase of earrings from $49
Piercing method: Disposable cartridge ear piercing system
Address: 35 Orchard Road, #B1-41, Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877
Contact: 6235 6948

B*Dazzle offers ear piercing services for free, as long as you purchase a set of earrings, starting from $49. Choose from solid gold, titanium and surgical steel, all of which are nickel-free and suitable for even the most sensitive ears.

They also use a disposable cartridge ear piercing system and you can opt to purchase their Ear Care Solution, which will help heal your new piercing quicker. On top of that, they provide an exclusive six-week free aftercare service in case you run into problems or have any questions about your piercing. 


Cost: Free piercing with purchase of earrings $49.80 and above
Piercing method: Studex System 75
Address: Multiple outlets islandwide
Contact: 8001205113 (toll-free number)

The jewellery chain promises their customers a sterile environment, with strict sanitation procedures performed daily, before and after every piercing. With this knowledge, you can leave your piercings in the hands of their experts, who will use the latest Studex System 75 piercing device. 

This piercing cartridge is designed to be loaded while still in its sterile packaging, providing a touch-free process. After piercing, every part of the device that comes into contact with the customer’s skin will be disposed of. 

As hygiene and cleanliness are the top priority of Lovisa’s ear piercing service, all equipment will come pre-sterilised and only individually packaged hypoallergenic studs will be used on you. At the end of the procedure, your piercing artist will go through the aftercare steps, as well as provide you with an aftercare solution for free.

They also offer children over the ages of three years old a free Lovisa teddy bear and certificate to make their experience extra special!

Piercing Clinic

Cost: From $80 per ear
Piercing method: Disposable cartridge ear piercing system, needle
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square, Marina Link #B1-06, Singapore 039594
Contact: 88836188 

Besides the ears, Piercing Clinic does most other body parts as well. If you’re considering piercing more parts of your body at one go, this is the place for you. The charges may be slightly pricier, but you can get a discount of up to $30 if you book online. Do take note that piercings are done by appointment only. 


Cost: Free piercing with purchase of earrings $49.80 and above
Piercing method: Disposable cartridge ear piercing system
Address: Multiple outlets islandwide

Pierce with confidence with StellarSG, which offers a virtually painless ear-piercing experience suitable for all ages and even infants above two months old. If you want to get over the pain ASAP, you’ll be glad to know that you can request for simultaneous piercings with two technicians. All you have to do is to book two days in advance! 

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