9 Low-Cost Home/Office Movers in Singapore (And Tips To Save On Bulky Item Transport)

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 05 April, 2022

When it comes to home or office moving, costlier doesn’t necessarily mean better. Here are six low-cost movers offering professional moving services on par with the big boys. 

Moving home or office is laborious back-breaking work, so no surprise that professional movers sometimes charge an arm and a leg for their services.

But that’s not to say there aren’t budget options available. While larger companies may be better-known, they often charge higher fees. 

Smaller players that keep to a lean team and focus on reliable, fuss-free services are just as capable of doing the job, and they may also offer upfront savings.

Here are seven professional movers offering basic moving packages for between S$149 to S$300 per trip — with labour, cardboard boxes and wrapping included. 

9 professional moving companies with low-cost services

Company Moving fees Remarks
Cheap Movers Singapore S$158 (10ft truck)
S$258 (15ft truck)
Free shrink wrap for all bulky items
S$30 for 10 cardboard boxes
Cube Movers S$180 (15ft lorry, half load)
S$288 (15ft lorry, full load)
30 cardboard boxes provided 
Speed Winz Movers From S$155 (15ft lorry) Unlimited boxes provided
Includes wrapping of bulky items
Tip Top Movers and Logistics  From S$158 Free carton boxes provided
Packing and unpacking provided
Wolfpack Relocation Services  From S$149 (15ft truck, half load) Unlimited boxes provided
Wrapping services provided
Trolley and shirt racks provided
XNR Movers and Logistics S$180 (half load)
S$298 (full load)
Unlimited cardboard boxes (loan basis)
Wrapping provided for bulky items
Elite Movers Get a quote Complimentary boxes and bubble wrap
No deposit needed for residential moves; full payment upfront upon move completion
Great relocation service for moving to Malaysia
Shalom Movers Get a quote Critically-acclaimed moving company
Certifed training provided for workers
Packing and unpacking service 
Commitment to sustainability
The Helping Hand Get a quote Rehabilitates ex-convicts as certified movers

Cheap Movers Singapore 

Cheap Movers Singapore
Source: Cheap Movers

Whatsapp: 8454 4356
E-mail: Sgcheapmover@gmail.com

Cheap Movers live up to their name, pricing their services from S$158 NETT for a fully-loaded 10ft lorry, which is generally enough for the contents of one bedroom.

If you require more capacity, you can hire a 15ft truck for just S$258. That’s among the lowest for the moving companies we surveyed. 

Free shrink wrap is provided for your bulky items. If you require cardboard boxes, you can top up S$30 for 10 pieces. 

Cube Movers

Cube Movers Singapore | Best House & Office Movers
Source: Cube Movers

Whatsapp: 8418 1118
E-mail: cubemovers.sg@gmail.com

With Cube Movers, you can hire a team of professional movers for as little as S$180 for half-load on a 15ft lorry. Meanwhile, a full load will cost you S$288. 

They also pride themselves on their insurance coverage of S$1 million, which should help to ease any fears about not being able to claim adequate compensation in case of a moving accident. 

Free online consultations, quotes and site visits are also available per move.

Cube Movers provides 30 cardboard boxes for free to customers, and also holds lucky draws for customers with cash prizes of up to S$888 when you move with them. 

Speed Winz Movers

Source: Speed Winz Movers

Whatsapp: +65 9010 8828
E-mail: speedwinzmovers@gmail.com

Speed Winz Movers is a local moving company with more than 10 years experience offering relocation services for homes, offices, schools, restaurants, factories and even hospitals!

Their latest promo states a fee of S$155 NETT for house moving, using a 15ft lorry with labour provided. Also included are wrapping services for large items, such as cabinets and sofas, for safer transportation. 

They also provide an unlimited supply of cardboard boxes for you to pack your stuff for the move. 

And if you’re looking to get rid of some unwanted furniture, you can also contact them for disposal of bulky items — available from S$55 onwards. Warehouse storage starts from S$195 per month, inclusive of a 15ft lorry and an estimated 120sqft in space.

Tip Top Movers and Logistics

Whatsapp: +65 9627 5226
E-mail: sales@tiptop-movers.com

Tip Top Movers provide house moving services from S$288 onwards for a 15ft truckload. The fee includes three to four uniformed manpower, plastic shrink wrap for your belongings, as well as free, unlimited cardboard boxes for packing. 

Commercial moves start from S$328 for a 15ft truckload, including the same scope of services as their residential moves with the added assistance of planning and coordinating the entire shift.

Besides moving and packing, the company also offers non-airconditioned warehouse storage with rates starting at S$250 per month for one 15ft truckload. If you book for 3-month storage, you can also enjoy a further S$50 off.

Wolfpack Relocation Services

Source: Wolfpack Relocation Services

Tel: +65 6690 7624

Wolfpack Relocation Services tout themselves as a group of “young and energetic people to ease the burden of families and friends who are looking to shift their premises”. But these ain’t no young buck — the company has a hard-won eight-year track record. 

Another reason to check them out: Wolfpack guarantees the lowest rates in town, and the prices shown on the website do seem to bear this out.

Moving services start at S$149 NETT for a half-load of a 15ft covered truck, with bulky disposal services starting at a mere S$49 NETT.

Similar to all the other movers on our list, they provide unlimited boxes, wrapping services (inclusive of shrink wrap) as well as trolley and shirt hanging wraps to ensure your clothing arrives in a fresh and creaseless condition. 

Meanwhile, warehousing is available from S$99 per month onwards. What makes the storage highly competitive is the absence of a minimum contract or commitment period; so no worries about contractual obligations on that front!

The warehouse space is also fully enclosed and air-conditioned which is a great plus!

XNR Movers and Logistics

Source: XNR Movers

Tel/Whatsapp: +65 9783 8430
E-mail: xnrlogistics@gmail.com

XNR Movers and Logistics is another low-cost moving services provider in Singapore, although their advertised rates are slightly higher than some others on the list.

A half-load, one-way moving booking costs S$180, while a full-load move will cost S$298. We’re assuming the standard 15ft lorry for these loads, but just to be sure, do check with them before you engage their services. 

XNR provides cardboard boxes on an unlimited, loan basis. There’s no time limit on how long you can hold the boxes, so there’s no need to madly unpack the moment your stuff gets unloaded. 

Included in the package are wrapping services to better protect your furniture, as well as basic dismantling and assembly. Also offered are disposal and storage solutions, but you’ll need to reach out to them for a quote. 

Elite Movers

Source: Elite Movers

Tel: +65 6242 4886
E-mail: sales@elitemovers.com.sg

As their name suggests, they take great pride in the relocation business — be it residential or commercial. The team is well-organised, professional and efficient, facilitating relocations from both within Singapore and across the borders to Malaysia.

No item is too big or too small for them to handle. Apart from the standard belongings, the team is also highly-skilled in transporting unorthodox possessions such as massage beds, gardening sheds, and more.

Complimentary bubble wrap and boxes are provided for clothing and loose articles of items. Disassembling and reassembling services are also available upon request.

No deposit is required for residential moves. Payment is made upfront at the completion of the entire process. This puts to rest all potential concerns of any sneaky hidden or undisclosed costs.

For commercial moves, a detailed site pre-survey will be conducted along with an assigned Commercial Move Consultant guiding the process every step of the way.

Shalom Movers

Source: Shalom Movers

Whatsapp: +65 9233 8117
E-mail: admin@shalom.com.sg

Since 1982, Shalom Movers has racked up a track record of over 267,000 successful moves — 230,155 being residential relocations and 35,040 being commercial relocations. They are the only moving company to be awarded national acclaim in business excellence.

Some of their past corporate clients include SMRT Corporation, HDB, Sembcorp, Grab, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and many more. Needless to say, their reputation precedes themselves as a top tier moving company.

Within the company, they have a professional on-the-job training centre and an in-house Training Organisation endorsed by ITE and SkillsFuture respectively. This ensures that all their employees are trained and certified before being engaged in the job.

Prior to each move, their surveyor will scan the unit and number of items carefully in order to give a fair and accurate quote.

Moreover, they provide a complimentary packing and unpacking service. This helps save time and also gives ease of mind to clients. If you have extra items in need of storage, their warehouses are fully equipped with CCTVs and security guards 24/7 for maximum assurance.

They are also committed to being environmentally friendly by offering free used carton box collection service post-move. Disposals of unwanted items are also only done at government-approved dumping grounds.

International relocation is available too.

The Helping Hand

Source: The Helping Hand

Tel: +65 6283 2204
E-mail: enquires@thehelpinghand.org.sg

For those with a heart for community-driven initiatives, The Helping Hand is an excellent choice.

Possessing more than 20 years of experience, they provide transparent and affordable rates for all your moving needs. Each move is facilitated by a four- to five-men team manning 14ft lorries.

From secure and hassle-free delivery to quick disposal of unwanted goods, you won't have to worry about any logistical hiccups.

What distinguishes The Helping Hand from the other movers on the list is their partnership with Singapore Prison Service. They double as a social service agency, providing renewed chances to ex-convicts wishing to transform their lives and formally re-integrate back into society.

Tips to save money on bulky item transport

Watch out for common surcharges

Your mover may offer a low-cost package, but that usually only covers standard arrangements. Unconventional conditions or requirements will usually attract a surcharge. 

Some of these include lack of lift access, no loading bays or parking lots nearby, difficult or indirect access, special or fragile items (such as large fish tanks, grand pianos, etc.), restricted or far-flung locations, extra trips or stops. 

If your moving location will include any of these, be sure to highlight it to your mover and negotiate a reasonable surcharge beforehand.

Get a ride from a friend

If you only need to move, say, a collector’s edition Captain America poster, try asking your car-owning buddies if they’re available to spare an hour to help you transport your item.

Do wrap up your print properly, and protect the corners with a sponge. That way, it’ll be easy to slide the entire package into the backseat, while you ride shotgun and offer to navigate to your destination.

Or — even better — strap your framed poster to the roof, if your buddy’s car has those handy rails affixed on top. That way, your driving friend won’t be deprived of the rearview as he traverses the roads.

In return for the favour, buy your friend lunch, or at least a six-pack of their favorite IPA.

Hire a courier

Another alternative is to use a courier company to hire a vehicle and driver to help you with your move. This works best if you only have a limited number of items to move, such as some cabinets and a desk for instance. 

You’ll find a variety of vehicles available for hire, ranging from 8ft delivery vans, up to full-sized 24ft lorries. Basic bookings will only cover the cost of delivering you and your package to your destination. If you want some help to move the item from the drop-off point to your doorstep, you’ll probably have to pay extra.

There may also be additional charges, such as if your pick-up or drop-off point lies within a restricted area, or if you want a covered lorry.

Some delivery companies offering such services in Singapore include GoGoVan, LaLaMove, and FastFast. Expect to spend around S$50 to $60 for a single trip. Additional charges may apply.

To safeguard your contents against damage in the process of moving, consider getting a home insurance plan that can protect your items as well as your new abode.

Charge your moving fees to the right cashback credit card will help maximise your returns. Applying with us at Singsaver will also entitle you a chance to win attractive prizes*.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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