15 Free Coffees at Starbucks in Singapore – Available Now

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

Last updated 15 September, 2015
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15 free coffees at Starbucks. Available now. 

Here’s how you get a S$80 Starbucks Card and a S$20 cash rebate. Apply for a Revolution credit card with HSBC. I bobbed into a Starbucks this morning. A Tall Vanilla Latte costs S$6.30 and a Tall Hot Chai Tea costs S$4.20. With the welcome gift that the Revolution card provides, I can get 15 Vanilla Lattes and 23 Hot Chai Teas. An offer with a nice aroma?

I normally drink 5 cups of coffee a day--maybe this explains why I never sleep! If you drink two cups a day, you’ll have free coffee for over two weeks with this offer.

The Revolution card is a rewards card--offering you 1 reward point for each S$1 you spend. However, it offers 5 rewards points for each S$1 you spend in a cafe or restaurant (yes, like Starbucks!), so you can get extra rewards for all the coffee you buy for the rest of the year. You need to be 18 years old and above to apply. 

15 Free Coffee’s at Starbucks in Singapore – Available Now

Is this a good card? If you always clear your debt during the interest free period it is sensible to have a card that offers some form of benefit but it is hard to appraise the value of each rewards point you earn? For this reason I generally prefer cashback cards but... you can get 1 for 1 tall-sized drink at Starbucks when you pay with Visa payWave using HSBC's revolution credit card quoting "Revo Wednesdays" every Wednesday. Ultimately, whether you use the card or not is up to you--but if your application is approved, you will get the Starbucks Card plus a further S$20 cash rebate thrown in as well.

The ANZ Optimum World MasterCard offers a 5% cashback on food and drink outlets so this may be a better option for subsequent use (and also offers S$100 cash rebate).  Apply, and if you get approved for both, you’ll get a cash rebate of S$120 and a Starbucks Card with S$80 in credits. 

As it happens, Starbucks has its own rewards card but it only offers a reward of five stars for each S$5 you spend. You’ll need 75 stars to get a free coffee, and a further 225 stars to get your next free coffee. That means you need to spend S$300 to get 2 free coffees. Unlike the coffee you’ll have to pay for, this offer doesn’t get the pulse racing. If you are a regular customer, this could make sense but you have to pay ‘up front’ by loading money onto your card before you spend. Hardly worth the bother!

You can use SingSaver.com.sg to compare credit cards in Singapore.

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By Stuart Glendinning

Stuart has worked in the personal finance industry for 30 years and has spent 15 years in price comparison. Stuart is Head of Channels for CompareAsiaGroup.


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