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This Newly-Opened Game Cafe in Tanjong Pagar Has Automatic Mahjong Tables, Unlimited Snacks, and In-House Cats From Only S$3 an Hour

Emma Lam

Emma Lam

Last updated 18 August, 2022

They also have a variety of console and board games (with the option of private rooms) so that you and your pals can have the ultimate gaming session. 

Video games have taken over the world by storm with new consoles, games, and hardware tech constantly being launched year in, year out; but nothing compares to the sentimental feeling of immersing yourself in some traditional board game fun with friends and family.

Especially since we’re gradually assimilating into an endemic phase, social distancing and gathering restrictions seem like a thing of the past. So with everyone socialising again, why not arrange some wholesome gatherings playing board games together?

If you’re one of those Singaporeans always complaining there’s nothing to do here, you’re probably just not searching hard enough! So to help you stave your boredom, we’ve rounded up some of the best board games and board game cafes in Singapore.

Best board games and board game cafes in Singapore to visit 2022

ME Cafe & Games — Automatic Mahjong tables, board games, unlimited snacks and an in-house cat

me sign hanging from ceiling of ME Cafe & Games
Source: ME Cafe & Games

Grinding that 9-to-5 routine in CBD and looking forward to a well-deserved break at the end of the day? Well, office-goers are in luck because there’s a new game cafe in town (literally)!

Introducing ME Cafe & Games, an up-and-coming game cafe in Tanjong Pagar fully stocked with the latest editions of console and board games. But you might be wondering: What differentiates this cafe from all its other competitors? 

Source: ME Cafe & Games

For starters, this space doubles up as a work-and-play space from as low as S$6 per pax per hour all the way up to S$25 per pax for unlimited hours. You’ll be able to be both productive and enjoy playing PS5, Xbox, Switch, and board games to your heart’s content during break time.

Source: ME Cafe & Games

And for the first time ever, mahjong lovers will be overjoyed to find a gaming cafe that offers mahjong sessions at either S$60 (weekday) or S$80 (weekend) per room per five hours. Additional players can be topped up at S$15 or S$20 per room per hour respectively.

💡 Pro-tip: Their mahjong rooms come equipped with automatic mahjong tables to reshuffle and distribute your tiles at the click of a button. Thank you technology!

And as if they couldn’t get any better? All sessions come with complimentary free flow snacks with an additional S$3 for free flow drinks if preferred.

They also have an in-house cat resident that’ll keep you company throughout your playtime. Basically, this gaming cafe is the ideal location for parties, gatherings, mingling, dates and everything else in between for a chill gaming day off.

Source: ME Cafe & Games

Promotion: In honour of their soft launch, ME Cafe & Games is running a 50% off discount for all sessions booked in August 2022! Simply call or Whatsapp them to reserve rooms and mahjong tables for the whole gang.

We know, we’re astounded too. These rates sound almost unbelievable in this economy. So don’t miss out on this incredible limited-time offer!

Address 77 Tanjong Pagar Road, Level 3, Singapore 088498
Opening hours Mon to Thurs: 12pm to 11pm
Fri: 12pm to 2am
Sat: 11am to 2am
Sun: 11am to 11pm
Tel +65 8127 6870

Play Nation Singapore — Comprehensive board and console game selection

For our all-rounded gamers, Play Nation Singapore should be a familiar name. Its rise to popularity within the local scene is largely thanks to its diverse array of console and board games (over 500 titles) along with flexible packages. 

Depending on your mood, you can effortlessly alternate between console and board games whenever you please. One moment you might be conquering your opponent’s land in Risk, the next moment you might be blasting Covenant and Flood aliens away in Halo on Xbox. Either way, sounds like a jolly good time to us. 

There are four tiers of gaming packages available: student, 1-hour, 2-hour, and unlimited. Prices for student packages start from S$13.90++ on weekdays (before 6pm) and S$17.90++ on weekends, lasting three hours each slot. You need to present a valid student pass to qualify.

Meanwhile, the 1-hour and 2-hour packages start from S$12.90++ and S$17.90++ respectively daily whereas the unlimited packages cost S$19.90++ onwards

For pure console or pure board game connoisseurs, don’t fret. Play Nation also offer sole package rates for those. Otherwise, they even have dedicated food and game packages where proper meal options are available too. Last but not least, group packages (up to five pax) are also up for grabs from S$200++, perfect for any major occasion celebration.

In any case, all offered packages already come with free flow drinks and snacks which are perfect for those mid-game munchies. 

Package Price List
Package type Mon to Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Console & board games Student package S$13.90++
Any 3 hours
Any 3 hours
1-hour package S$12.90++
Any 1 hour
2-hour package S$17.90++
Any 2 hours
Console games only Unlimited package S$19.90++
(6pm to 11pm)
(8pm to 3am)
(10pm to 3am)
(6pm to 11pm)
Board games only Student package S$13.90++
(12pm to 6pm)
(12pm to 6pm)
1-hour package S$12.90++
Any 1 hour
2-hour package S$16.90++
Any 2 hours
Unlimited package S$17.90++
(4pm to 11pm)
(8pm to 3am)
(10pm to 3am)
(4pm to 11pm)
Console & board games + food Lunch Special (Till 6pm) S$22.90++
Any 3 hours
1x food choice
Any 3 hours
1x food choice
All Day Play & Dine S$22.90++
Any 3 hours
1x food choice
Board games + food Lunch Special (Till 6pm) S$20.90++
Unlimited board games
1x food choice
All Day Play & Dine S$26.90++
Unlimited board games
1x food choice

From personal experience, their combined console & board game packages are the most popular — particularly their student and 2-hour rates. For more price details, do check out their package rates page.

Who said you can’t game from the comfort of your home? Apart from on-site gaming, patrons can also buy board games or rent console games from Play Nation itself. Just head over to their e-store page to view their full retail catalogue.

💡 Pro-tip: Complement your supermarket and convenience store runs with one of their blind boxes found at selected FairPrice Xtra & Finest outlets and 7-11 branches!

Address 58 Prinsep Street, Play Nation Prinsep HQ, Singapore 188686
Opening hours Sun to Thurs: 12pm to 11pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm to 3am
Tel +65 8351 7476 (Whatsapp bookings)
FB | IG  

King and the Pawn — Hidden bar and game cafe in Bugis

Source: King and the Pawn

Fancy a fancy time of whiling your day away over some scrumptious food and engaging board games? King and the Pawn’s got you covered.

Branding itself as a cafe, bar, and gaming tavern all in one, this unique establishment is a must-visit for cafe lovers, bar hoppers, and gaming enthusiasts alike. Their exposed brick walls, intricate window grills, copper chairs and blue wallpaper splashes paired together with industrial elements evoke a classy and chic vibe from the space.

As you get yourself acquainted, browse through their impressive catalogue of over 350 board games. With so many to choose from, their games are guaranteed to fit any occasion from rambunctious party games to intense strategy games that are suitable for all group sizes. And you won’t feel lost either because their game gurus will get you acquainted in no time.

Board game fees cost S$9 per pax (Tues to Thurs) and S$13 per pax (Fri to Sun, PH, PH eve). Kids below 7 years play for free and those aged between 8 to 12 years old enjoy a 50% discount on board game fees. But students and NS Men really win here because they can enjoy 20% off the total bill between Tuesday to Thursday^.

Best of all, there’s no time limit on board game duration. You can stay for as long as you like.

In the meantime, order some delectable cafe bites (e.g. Berry French Toast*), freshly-brewed coffee or signature cocktails to fully complete the mood. During happy hour, wines are S$10 per glass, two pints of draft beer for S$20, and two for S$24 cocktails (if you successfully roll double)!

💡 Pro-tip: Spend more than S$50 per pax (before service charge) to enjoy a board game fee waiver for your whole table.

*Weekend brunch menu only
^All valid diners have to flash their student ID/NS card. Not valid during Happy Hour promo.

Address 24 Purvis Street, Level 2, Singapore 188601
Opening hours Mon: Closed
Tues to Thurs: 5.30pm to 11.30pm
Fri: 5.30pm to 1.30am
Sat: 11am to 1.30am
Sun: 11am to 10pm

Happy Hour
Tues to Fri: 5.30pm to 8pm
Tel +65 6259 1913
FB | IG  

Well Played Cafe — Rustic-themed board game cafe with brunch and booze

Get ready to congratulate your friends on “GGWP” each round at the Well Played Cafe. Another game cafe with gorgeous interior, their ambience is greatly influenced by the industrial chic aesthetic given their exposed brick walls, moody lighting (and neon sign), and a lush, green feature wall. 

Source: Well Played Cafe

This multi-concept, rustic and cosy cafe features hundreds of board games, tasty tapas servings, decadent smoothies, and other mouthwatering mains like Creamy Mushroom Pasta, Fish and Chips, and even homemade cheesecake. They even have Happy Hour (6pm to 8pm) where you can get 1-for-1 beer pints at S$15 or a beer tower at S$50.

Check out their full menu spread here.

Source: Well Played Cafe

Priced affordably from S$11 per pax, it is quite value-for-money for either unlimited gaming hours (Tuesday to Thursday) or for three-hour slots (Friday to Sunday). 

Address 109A Rowell Road, Singapore 208033
Opening hours Mon: Closed
Tues to Thurs: 6pm to 11pm
Fri: 6pm to 12am
Sat: 2pm to 12am
Sun: 2pm to 10am
Tel +65 6970 8143
+65 8899 1507
FB | IG  

After a day of entertaining board games and delicious grub, use a cashback card like OCBC 365 or Citi Cash Back to charge your dining expenditure with. These trusty cards reward you with 6% cashback on dining, as long as you fulfill an S$800 monthly spend requirement (capped at S$80).

Or if you don’t own one yet, check out the best dining credit cards here before deciding.


SingSaver Exclusive Offer

For Citi PremierMiles Card: Receive an Apple iPad 9th 10.2" WiFi 64GB (worth S$503.65) or a Dyson Supersonic (worth S$699) or a Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy (worth S$509) or S$300 cash via PayNow upon activating and spending at least S$500 within 30 days of card approval. Valid till 1 October 2023. T&Cs apply.

For Citi Cashback+ Card, Citi Cashback Card and Citi Rewards Card: Receive a Dyson Supersonic (worth S$699) or a Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy (worth S$509) or a Nintendo Switch OLED (worth S$549) or S$300 cash via PayNow when you activate and spend at least S$500 within 30 days of card approval. Valid till 1 October 2023. T&Cs apply.

Plus, enjoy up to 2% cashback on all qualifying spend and up to S$656 cash when you apply for the Citi Cash Back+ card and join Citi PlusT&Cs apply.

The Mind Cafe — Regular gaming events and exclusives-only nights

Work’s got you stressed out and you want to blow off some steam? Why not arrange for a night out at the Mind Cafe for some mindblowing fun and games? Housing an exhaustive selection of over 800 in-house games, you wouldn’t know where to start.

From strategy games, to dexterity games, to trivia and party games, there’s something for everyone. Thankfully though, the cafe is supported with knowledgeable game masters, facilitators, and coordinators who are well-versed to guide you in any game of your choosing.

Moreover, the Mind Cafe organising Game Show Events frequently — up to six events a week — catering to all sorts of corporate, ministerial, and private functions. Alternatively if you prefer a game night from the comfort of your home, their board games are up for grabs on their e-store too.

Otherwise, their gaming packages (per pax) are as follows:

Package Price List
  Mon to Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Student package S$14.90
Unlimited hours (11am to 6pm)
Unlimited hours (11am to 6pm)
Crazy Hour gaming S$18.90
Unlimited hours (6pm to 10pm)
1-Hour gaming S$12.90
Free flow snacks and drinks
2-Hour gaming S$17.90
(Not available from 10pm onwards)
Night Fever gaming S$18.90
Unlimited hours (6pm to 2am)
Unlimited hours (10pm to 6am)
Unlimited hours (6pm to 2am)
Lunch Set S$20.90
Games & 1x main course
(11am to 3pm)
Dinner Set S$25.90
Games & 1x main course
(3 hours)

Package extensions are available at S$8 per hour per person.


Ladies Night
From 26 July to 27 September 2022, enjoy Ladies’ Night every Tuesday (6pm till close) with fre board games and complimentary snack bowls. Main courses are also available upon request. 

Members Night
From 27 July to 28 September 2022, all ordinary, VIP, and VVIP members can enjoy free board games every Wednesday on Members’ Night. Members are allowed to bring two guests along. Main courses are also available upon request.

Singapore Night Festival

 In honour of Singapore Night Festival (19 to 27 August 2022), enjoy free entry* at The Mind Cafe Mega Outlet (Prinsep Street) and participate in their What Do You Meme Contest for a chance to win up to S$1,000 in prizes!

Customers are welcome to play and accumulate points through the number of What Do You Meme cards collected. Points will be recorded each round and tracked for every revisit. Semi-finals (Top 10) and finals will be conducted on 25 and 27 August respectively.

Grand prizes to be won:

  • S$200 cash prize
  • Mind Cafe annual “Just Gaming” pass
  • Customised Meme King or Queen photo card
  • 1x set of What Do You Meme Game
  • Feature on Mind Cafe’s Hall of Fame

*Free entry only for What Do You Meme game. Playing other games is not permitted.

Address 60A Prinsep Street
30 Prinsep Street (Mega) Singapore 188664
Opening hours Sun, Mon to Thurs: 11am to 2am
Fri, Sat, PH & PH eve: 11am to 6am
Tel +65 8121 5188 (Whatsapp)
FB | IG  

Mosanco Settlers Cafe — Open 24/7 from S$6/pax/hour & art jamming sessions

Source: Mosanco Settlers Cafe

Nestled in a quiet street along Hong Lim Park, the Mosanco Settlers Cafe is Singapore’s first board game cafe since 2003. Open 24 hours daily, it is your hidden gaming cove to eat, play, and laugh away all night.

Like all others on the list, this cafe boasts a diverse catalogue of games to choose from. From cult classics like Cards Against Humanity to quirkier games like Wavelength, there’s loads of options suiting different tastes and preferences.

Whether you come in solo, pairs, or as a group, there are options for everyone. Their standard board game rate goes for S$10 per pax per hour, with food and drinks at additional cost. However, spend every S$15 spent on bites and beverages unlocks a special gaming rate of S$6 per pax per hour! Otherwise, the base rate of S$10 remains. 

Source: Mosanco Settlers Cafe

For group outings, the private rooms are decked out with plush cushioning and personal gaming console for non-stop fun at S$20 per hour*. Each room’s default booking duration is three hours, with same-day extension available upon request. Booking will be held for 20 minutes before the slot gets released unless stated otherwise.

Also, patrons are allowed to bring their personal games along to play. You’ll have to spend a minimum of S$20 per pax on refreshments on weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun before 6pm) within a three-hour time limit. Weekdays are less stringent and subject to conditions.

But wait, that’s not all! Feel like unleashing your inner artist? Like its games, Mosanco Settler’s Cafe also offers 24/7, unguided art jamming sessions from S$35 per 2.5 hour slots^. Each session comes with a complimentary drink. Completely open to beginners, these sessions will allow you to express unbridled creative freedom through canvas art.

💡 Pro-tip: Request the staff for a free polaroid picture taken to commemorate the night! It’ll either be featured on their wall or you can take home with you.

*Excludes refreshments and gaming fees
^Bookings to be made one day in advance

Address 39A North Canal Road, Level 2, Singapore 059295 (Near Clarke Quay MRT Station Exit A)
Opening hours 24 hours daily
Tel +65 8045 8000
FB | IG  

Basecamp.Cafe — Play board and card games with friendly strangers in Simei

Do you find yourself having trouble mingling and making new friends with strangers? The Basecamp.Cafe might be just what you need! Branding itself as a multi-functional private space, it’s a welcoming hub for anyone and everyone to enter and make themselves at home.

For only S$2 per hour (via PayNow), it can either be a quiet respite away from life’s hustle or your special “I-know-a-place” spot to gather your squad at. What’s even more unique about its layout is that majority of the furniture and decor are from donations! That’s right, rehome your preloved items in this Simei quarters to breathe new life into them.

Although not exactly your traditional game cafe, it’s a safe space created by the community, for the community nonetheless. We’ll encourage you to bring your own board games if preferred. 

Address 30 Simei Street 3, Simei MRT Station #01-08, Singapore 529888
Opening hours 11am to 6pm daily
Contact Drop them a message
FB | IG  

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Experience Point — Play to your heart’s content with SS$12 cap per day

Ready to earn some EXP and level up? Welcome to Experience Point, a Singaporean Geekspace where boardgame enthusiasts gather in troves. This gaming cafe specialises in tabletop games, spanning across all sorts like board games, card games, pen-and-paper roleplaying games (yes, D&D we’re looking at you) and more! 

Steering away from mainstream, long-winded playtime titles like Monopoly and Risk, their library offers an expansive range of over 200 games. For just S$4 per hour, players can geek out fully here with no judgment. Additionally, if an hour of gaming isn’t enough, top up S$8 more to a maximum of S$12 for a full day’s worth of gaming.

Conveniently located five minutes away from Lavender MRT, this gaming spot is somewhat hidden thanks to its ‘secret’ entrance; because nothing builds hype and mystery like a hidden entrance, right? (Hint: It’s somewhere in Block 803.)

We reckon this is a great gaming den for those seeking a close-knit and niche tabletop game community in Singapore.

Address 803 King George’s Avenue, #02-190, Singapore 200803
Opening hours Weekdays: 7pm to 11pm
Weekends & PH: 12pm to 11pm
Closed on Wednesday
Tel +65 9183 1725
FB | IG  

Those looking to soup up some miles will want to consider HSBC Revolution.

HSBC Revolution is great for accumulating mileage effortlessly with its generous 10x Reward Points (or 4 miles per local dollar) with no minimum spend required. Points are valid for all online and contactless transactions and don’t expire either. Best of all, annual fees are permanently waivered too.

HSBC Credit Card Welcome Gift:

For HSBC TravelOne Card Only: Receive 20,000 miles (equal to a round trip to Bali) when you make a min. spend of S$1,000 within the qualifying spend period, pay the annual fee (S$194.40 incl. GST) and provide marketing consent when you apply. Valid till 31 December 2023. T&Cs apply.

For Other HSBC Credit Cards: Receive a Samsonite ZELTUS 69cm Spinner Exp with built-in scale (worth S$680) or S$150 cashback when you make a min. spend of S$1,000 by the end of the following calendar month from the card account opening date and provide marketing consent. Valid till 31 December 2023. T&Cs apply.

HSBC Revolution

BG Monsters Cafe — Only S$3.90 NETT per hour for students

Source: BG Monsters Cafe

Gaming has no age limit. At BG Monsters Cafe, everyone from all walks of life (stages) are invited for a day chock full of wholesome board game fun! Located in the vibrant Holland Road district, this new gaming cafe is perfect for casual and competitive gamers alike. 

But don’t underestimate them just because they’re new! To date, they’ve amassed over 200 games in their gaming collection, consisting of both traditional old-school titles and modern tabletop editions.

So whether you want to embark on an epic medieval adventure securing civilisation’s future in Avalon or chaotically vanquish Marvel bosses in 5-Minute Marvel, the fun is endless. But if you’re stuck on deciding a game, refer to their popular in-store titles for inspiration! They refresh the lineup each month.

What’s more, their hourly rates are highly competitive compared to other gaming cafes with student rates going for as low as S$3.90 NETT per pax per hour. This pricing applies to students of all ages from primary to tertiary and private institutions. But even if you’re not a student, their standard pricing rates are still fair starting from S$4.90 NETT per pax per hour

Package Price List
Hourly rates Tues to Thurs Fri to Sun*
Student pricing 1 Hour S$3.90 S$5.90
2 Hours S$6.90 S$9.90
4 Hours S$12.90 S$18.90
Standard pricing 1 Hour S$4.90 S$5.90
2 Hours S$8.90 S$9.90
4 Hours S$16.90 S$18.90

*Eve of and day of public holidays will follow Friday to Sunday rates. 

Praised as a hidden new gem, it’s located conveniently beside the Holland MRT station with helpful staff ready to assist, recommend, and integrate you comfortably into your chosen game. Their board games are even on sale for those interested!


Unlimited student rates
From Tuesday to Friday, students get to enjoy unlimited gaming hours from opening till 6pm at S$9.90 per pax — inclusive of a mystery gift!

S$10 BG Monsters voucher
Stand a chance to receive a S$10 BG Monsters voucher when you share a wefie featuring you, your friends, and favourite board game at the cafe. Recipients will be awarded voucher if eventually posted to BG Monsters’ social media.

Board game event

Stand to win up to S$150 worth of BG Monsters vouchers at their upcoming board game event on 28 August 2022 (1.30pm to 5.30pm).

Address 211 Holland Avenue, Holland Road Shopping Centre #03-24, Singapore 278967
Opening hours Tuesday to Sunday: 1pm to 10pm
Closed on Monday
Tel Online reservations (10% off booking)
+65 9720 6680
FB | IG | TikTok

Battle Bunker — The place for serial board and card gamers to gather

Paging for all squad members, please report to the Battle Bunker for some serious gaming now, thank you! 

With an emphasis on community-building and camaraderie, it’s easy to see how friendships are easily formed within those four walls. By strategising and competing over tabletop games together, it forges meaningful bonds and connections that last for time to come. So you don’t have to be afraid even if you come alone!

Not to mention, tournaments and leagues are a big part of Battle Bunker’s culture. They regularly host in-store, regional, and national events on site. Those interested are welcomed to join as they put their intelligence, strategy, and determination to the test.

Apart from board games, their shelves are also stocked with collectible figurines (e.g. Pokemon, Gundam, etc.), accessories, and paints among others. 

Moreover, Battle Bunker’s online catalogue is the go-to store for new and exclusive board game titles. Comprising a wide array of family, party, trading card, living card, and board games, there’s a game title for everyone here!

Note: Orders above S$150 are eligible for free delivery. Top up S$20 to get islandwide next-day delivery. 

Address 201 Victoria Street, Bugis+ #03-16/17, Singapore 188067
Opening hours 12pm till late daily
Contact +65 6509 4011
FB | IG  

Save while you game

Gaming at a cafe can definitely rack up money quickly if you’re not prudent with your expenditure. While hourly rates and game fees are subject to cafes, there are ways to save some coins while you play.

By using a cashback or miles credit card, it unlocks a world full of potential in terms of rebates and rewards! For instance, using either card to pay for your refreshments can easily earn you some cashback or miles. These will indirectly offset your credit card bill or fund your next airplane ticket out of Singapore! 

In a dilemma over which card to choose? Determine your spending habits in order to discern which credit card best suits you. And who said gaming is wasted potential?

Help yourself to better financial shape in the new norm, with SingSaver's all-new Ultimate Savings Guide! Got your free copy yet?

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