HL Assurance Home Protect360 Review: Protect Both Your Home And Family With Personal Accident Cover

Marissa Saini

Marissa Saini

Last updated 06 January, 2023
Home Protect360 proves to be more than your average home insurance plan, with personal accident coverage for every member of the family at budget-friendly rates.

The aftermath of home disasters aren’t as clear cut as we may think. Apart from the damages to our property, you could also be dealing with injuries sustained. Plus, if the disaster in questions happens to be a home fire, you’ll also need to remove the debris that’s left behind.

HL Assurance Home Protect360 comes with a sprawling list of items covered which goes beyond protecting your home and it's contents. It goes one step further and offers personal accident protection for both the adults and children in your family — a rarity in the home insurance scene.

Pros and cons of HL Assurance Home Protect360 

Pros Cons
Coverage for both homeowners and tenants, including HDB and private properties Home contents, renovations, fixtures and fittings are in the same category
Offers 24-hour home assistance such as electrician, plumber, pest control and aircon repair Home concierge service can only be utilised once in a year up to a limit of $100
Get family personal accident cover (worldwide) of up to $10,000 for each adult and $3,000 for each child Worldwide personal liability excludes USA, Canada and Japan
Alternative accommodation and temporary storage for your belongings for up to 30 days No rent loss protection for landlords
Worldwide personal liability of up to $500,000 against legal liability for accidental property damage or loss, accidental death or bodily injury caused by negligence  
Flexibility to choose between monthly or yearly premiums  

Key features of HL Assurance Home Protect360

#1 Coverage for home contents, renovations, fixtures and fittings are lumped together

On this aspect, HL Assurance Home Protect360 might pale in comparison with other home insurance products as its household contents coverage is categorised together with renovation, fixtures and fittings. Due to this lack of flexibility, you may not get to choose a higher sum insured to sufficiently cover your expensive home renovation or designer furniture.

#2 Offers 24-hour home assistance

Ah, home assistance, how did we even survive without it? A recurring (and increasingly integral) benefit in any home insurance plan that’s worth its salt, consider it as a sweet perk on top of the protection you’re buying for your home. It’s always nice to know that not only do you have the potentially huge disasters covered, the more commonplace inconveniences such as plumbing and locksmith issues could also be easily rectified simply by contacting your insurer.

#3 Comprehensive benefits that include personal accident cover for the whole family 

While the plan does have limited flexibility, it makes up for it with its personal accident cover for not just the policy holder but the entire brood as well. This is quite an exception feature, considering that most plans only offer PA protection for the policy holder and their spouse only, without extending the coverage to each child. 

If you have a big family staying under one roof and you may not have a standalone personal accident insurance, you’ll be pleased to know that Home Protect360 comes with built in coverage of up to $10,000 per adult and $3,000 per child.


Important exclusions to note

Despite its broad coverage, there’s also some exclusions to keep in mind before you sign up for this plan. While you should always refer to the policy wording for the complete list of exclusions, here are some noteworthy ones that you should keep in mind.

Exclusions apply if:

  1. Loss or damage while the house or any part has been vacant for more than 30 consecutive days 
  2. Loss or damage is due to wear and tear
  3. Loss or damage due to any heating or drying process, mechanical or electrical breakdown

For whom is HL Assurance Home Protect360 best suited for?

This is a worthwhile plan to consider for homeowners with families. As we’ve explored, Home Protect360 stands out from other insurance plans due to its personal accident coverage for both the adults and kids in the family. 

However, you should also note that while it is family-friendly, the sum insured for household contents is on the low end, even for its highest tier plan. With this in mind, this plan is ultimately best-suited for HDB property owners who would benefit from the embedded personal accident coverage.

Plan tiers and premiums

Home Protect360 is available in three tiers: silver, gold and platinum. While some benefits share the same sum insured amount (such as worldwide personal liability and PA coverage), the maximum claim amount varies on things like household contents, removal of debris and loss of money.

Here, we’ve gathered the items covered across all three tiers for an easier comparison.

Benefits Sum insured - Silver Sum insured - Gold Sum insured - Platinum
Household contents, renovation, fixtures and fittings  $100,000 $200,000 $300,000
Valuables such as jewelry, watches, antiques $5,000 $5,000 $5,000
Loss of money $1,000 $1,500 $2,500
Locks and keys $1,000 $1,500 $2,000
Deterioration of frozen food $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Accidental breakage of fixed glass and mirror $2,000 $3,500 $5,000
Worldwide personal liability $500,000 $500,000 $500,000
Removal of debris $10,000 $15,000 $20,000
Fire extinguishing expenses $5,000 $5,000 $5,000
Worldwide personal accident cover (per family) $35,000 $35,000 $35,000
Optional cover: personal effects $20,000 $50,000 $70,000

How much does HL Assurance Home Protect360 cost?

For the basic Silver plan with S$100,000 coverage for both building (including Household Contents, Renovation, Fixtures and Fittings) and household content, the yearly premium is priced at S$259.20 (with 8% GST).

What promotions are there for HL Assurance Home Protect360?


How to claim

Firstly, you’ll need to download the claim form. For the most part, HL Assurance requires you to submit your claims through more traditional means, such as through email or post. 

You may contact HL Assurance via: 

  • Email: claims@hlas.com.sg
  • Hotline: 6702 0202 
  • Mailing address: 11 Keppel Road #11-01 ABI Plaza Singapore 089057

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