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How to Earn Air Miles Without Boarding a Plane

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

Last updated 17 September, 2015
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There's a really easy way to rack up those air miles without even having to leave the country. Soon, you'll be able to redeem those miles for free flights.

We’ll always have that one friend who wouldn’t book flight tickets with you because he or she has a gazillion air miles to redeem. If you’re wondering how they’ve managed to accumulate so much without even flying, you’re asking the wrong question. Simply because you can do it too.

The real question you should be asking yourself is: why are you not racking up air miles yourself?

Air Miles Credit Cards like DBS Altitude Rewards You with Miles

If you haven’t already heard, an air miles credit card can help you increase your miles even if you don’t leave the country. Yeah, flying with the same airlines isn’t the only way to collect air miles now. Your friend most likely owns an air miles credit card and uses it to pay for everyday purchases.

Typically, air miles cards in Singapore offer 1.2 miles per dollar spent locally and 2 miles per dollar spent when you’re overseas. Say, you charge an average of S$1,000 a month on your credit card for your necessities, you’ll earn 14,400 miles in a year. That’s nearly enough to redeem for a return trip to Bali, which requires 15,000 miles for economy.

But that’s not all you’ll be accumulating. Oh yes, it gets better.

DBS Altitude Visa Signature Cardblog_applynow_cta_200x44

Some Cards Offer Bonus Miles for Signing Up

Credit cards offer free gifts. Air miles credit cards offer free miles.

Right now until 30th September 2015, the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card is giving away a welcome bonus of 12,000 miles if you sign up for the card online. The condition is that you’ll have to spend S$800 within the first month that your card gets approved.

Still, think about it: to collect 12,000 miles in base miles, you’ll have to spend S$10,000 on the card. But spending S$800 in the first month on necessities you need anyway saves you S$9,200 and a lot of time.

Rack Up More Miles With Weekend Staycations

How to Earn Air Miles Without Boarding a Plane

Let’s face it: Singaporeans love their weekend staycations. Whether it’s to get away from the kids or to have a party, these weekend staycations might also be the key to significantly racking up air miles.

A card like DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card rewards you with 3 miles for every dollar spent on travel partner sites like Agoda, Expedia, and even Airbnb. And because hotels in Singapore are painfully pricey, your weekend staycation can easily go up to S$1,000. Let’s hope it doesn’t though.

Say, you picked a hotel in Orchard Road that costs S$300 a night, and you’re planning to stay over two nights. That’s S$600 in total, and 1,800 in miles. Just like that, without even having to leave the country or board a plane.

Miles on DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card Never Expire

You’ll probably accumulate enough miles to redeem a flight to a destination in Asia Pacific by the end of the year, without spending more than you usually do. But if that’s not enough, keep saving your miles for something bigger because they never expire.

Also, if you haven’t already had the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card, you might want to take advantage of the welcome bonus offer before it ends on 30th September 2015.

And yes, this is exactly how your friend with the million air miles to redeem does it. And now that you know, you can start accumulating miles for yourself.

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