How to Save Money and Have a Blast at ZoukOut 2016

Ryan Ong

Ryan Ong

Last updated 07 December, 2016

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to have fun at ZoukOut 2016. Here are ways to have a blast without overspending.

ZoukOut is probably the most pricey beach party of the year. Besides the cost of the tickets, transport, drinks, and the occasional medical bill tends to hit the wallet hard.

If you’re intent on going, then good luck -- and try some of these methods to keep the costs down:

Buy Advance Tickets

Advance single day tickets are S$128 for day one, $$138 for day two, and $$218 for both days. Get them now, because the last day is on the 8th of December. If they run out, you’ll either be disappointed or at the mercy of scalpers.

Citi PremierMiles Visa CardANZ Optimum World Mastercard

You can also save money on advance single day tickets, if you use the right credit cards. All Singapore-issued Citibank credit cards give you 10% off, plus 1-for-1 drinks on both days between 9 to 11 pm.

Wear Inexpensive Shoes

You’ll probably lose your flip-flops by the fifth hour. Or the 10th minute if you’re actively dancing. So leave the expensive pairs at home, and bring something you can afford to lose.

You’re also better off bringing a spare pair. That’s not a financial tip, it’s just convenient if you lose the first.

Get Smartphone Insurance

The most commonly damaged items at ZoukOut are smartphones. Because it’s a rain-or-shine event, and the dancing gets intense, such devices might take a beating. Consider buying phone insurance before going, just in case you lose it or get it waterlogged.

Bring a Limited Amount of Cash

This year, ZoukOut is no longer forcing everyone to go cashless. While it's nice to have the freedom to choose between cash or card, we suggest bringing a limited amount of cash with you just the same. This frees you from the possibility of losing hundreds of dollars during the event. Keep your emergency cash under S$50, and use your debit or credit cards to pay for your food and drinks.

Use Coupons for Your Ride In and Out of Sentosa

Expect to pay a premium price for taxi rides in and out of Sentosa., but you can save a bit on transport with Grab's ride discounts. New Grab customers get S$10 off their first 2 rides with the coupon code ZOUKOUTNEW. Meanwhile, existing Grab customers get S$5 off Grab or Grabshare rides to and from ZoukOut with the coupon code ZOUKOUT16.

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