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Last updated 31 March, 2022

Discover the benefits of joining AIA's Vitality programme and how it can get you discounts on food, travel, and even health insurance.

AIA Vitality is a science-supported health programme created by AIA Group Limited. It's an innovative approach to health and wellness that offers members the opportunity to lead healthier, happier lives through personalised service. The membership card, which you will receive when you sign up for the programme, can be used at participating retailers or when making purchases online.

Additionally, you can earn rewards with Vitality points that can redeem you flights, groceries, vouchers and more! 

We explore all the benefits of AIA Vitality and how it works. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the programme. 

What is AIA Vitality?

AIA Vitality is a health and life insurance programme offered by AIA. The programme rewards members for making healthy choices such as exercising and eating well. Members can also earn points for activities like shopping and dining. These points can then be redeemed for rewards such as discounts on travel and merchandise.

How does AIA Vitality Work?

The programme uses a points system that rewards you for being active and making healthy choices. The more Vitality points you earn, the higher your Vitality status becomes, the more rewards you can unlock.

AIA Vitality points by levels

Level Points
Bronze 0 – 9,999
Silver 10,000 – 19,999
Gold 20,000 – 29,999
Platinum 30,000

You can earn up to 100 points per day through exercise.

Points will be awarded for only one exercise activity per day, based on the exercise challenges recommended by the programme. If you complete more than one exercise in a day, the programme will award you based on which is more rigorous or requires more time or effort to finish.

How to earn Vitality points?

Understanding your health

Your AIA Vitality journey begins with discovering your health needs via online assessments and regular health screenings at AIA's partner clinics. Earn up to anywhere between 500 points to 6,000 points depending on the action you take.

Here is what you can be rewarded for under the health knowledge points: 

  • Vaccination
  • Dental check-up
  • Eye check-up
  • Regular general health checkups with your personal doctor or any practising physician
  • Nutrition Assessment: AIA vitality members can earn 20% cashback* when they spend on healthy food at Cold Storage, encouraging members to eat a healthy diet.
  • Fitness assessment and regular gym participation

For example, taking the How Stressed Are You? assessment awards you 1,000 points whereas an advanced health screening can award you up to 3,000 points.

Other ways of earning Vitality points include learning about and improving your health. Be rewarded for actions such as reading AIA's e-newsletters, watching its videos, and participating in its online forums.

*Cashback will be rewarded in the form of S$5 or S$10 e-vouchers. Basic Health Screening must first be completed and submitted in order to qualify.

Improve your health

You may accumulate Vitality points through fulfilling activities across the following categories:

  • Check Your Health
  • Get Active
  • Eat Well
  • Reduce Stress
  • Sleep Well
  • *Quit Smoking

With an assortment of activities available, AIA Vitality empowers their members to choose the activity that best suits their needs and lifestyle. Each activity awards differential points along with different regularities in terms of how often it can be repeated.

Do note that Vitality points earned are subject to daily and annual limits. The points only apply to one physical activity per day** and the total annual score is capped at 15,000 points per membership year.

Therefore, if you hit 15,000 points before the next renewal year, your total score will be fixed and cannot be exceeded.

*Does not apply to non-smokers
**If you perform more than one physical activity in the day, the activity with the highest Vitality points recorded will be captured.

What activities can be tracked?

  • Sleep: 5 points
  • Steps taken: Up to 50 points
  • Heart rate: Up to 100 points
  • Speed: Up to 100 points
Fitness Activity Description Vitality Points
Sleep (per day) Criteria: Finish 'How Well Are You Sleeping?' assessment + link My AIA SG app to AIA-approved fitness device

Fitness device will track rapid eye movement (REM) sleep as qualified sleep data* for points.
5 points
Steps Taken (per day) At least 10,000 steps 50 points
Heart Rate Data At least 30 minutes at an avg. heart rate > 60% of age-related max. heart rate 50 points
At least 30 minutes at an avg. heart rate > 70% of age-related max. heart rate 100 points
At least 60 minutes at an avg. heart rate > 60% of age-related max. heart rate 100 points
Speed Data At least 30 minutes at a min. avg. speed of 4km/hr 50 points
At least 30 minutes at a min. avg. speed of 7.2km/hr 100 points
At least 60 minutes at a min. avg. speed of 4km/hr 100 points

*Qualified sleep data: min.7 hours of sleep + at least 1 minute of REM sleep

Hence, there are multiple ways to achieve the maximum point per physical activity category. Members simply need to monitor their activity level throughout the day and adjust it accordingly to hit their desired number of points.

Feel free to max out the highest number of attainable points possible across all activities.

How to earn Vitality Coins?

Weekly Fitness Challenge & Vitality Wheel

The most active and frequent way to earn Vitality Coins would be through the Weekly Fitness Challenge under the Get Active category.

Every week, members will be assigned a fitness goal to hit in order to earn Vitality points, get a chance to spin the Vitality wheel for Vitality coins, and subsequently redeem rewards at the Marketplace.

Weekly goals are personalised based on individual past performances and activity levels. Points are earned by completing physical activities tracked by a wearable device or mobile app.

The device you use to monitor your physical activity will sync directly with the My AIA SG app so it can update your progress towards earning points.

  • Activities that track your heart rate
  • Activities that track your steps per day
  • Activities that track your speed

For instance, members will be rewarded 50 points for hitting 10,000 steps and beyond per day. 100 points will be awarded for working out at AIA's partner gyms, so on and so forth.

Once the weekly target is met, members will get to spin the Vitality wheel and earn Vitality coins to redeem rewards at participating partners like Cold Storage, Grab/Grabfood and more!

As a result, each target completion and reward earned will motivate members to gradually level up and improve overall fitness. Of course, however, there are also the options to maintain current fitness goals or lower them where needed.

These goals reset every seven days, with points being awarded between 200 to 400 points. Do note that points are capped to 100 each day.

Disclaimer: If you've hit the annual limit of 15,000 points, fret not, you'll still be able to earn your weekly reward upon completing the challenge. It's just that your points will be stagnated.

Below is a breakdown of potential Vitality coin wins during spins:

No. of segments on wheel (odds) Prize on segments
1 / 20 = 5% chance Surprise redemption with min. value of S$10: either in the form of prizes or at least 200 Vitality coins
4 / 20 = 20% chance 100 Vitality coins
3 / 20 = 15% chance 80 Vitality coins
4 / 20 = 20% chance 60 Vitality coins
8 / 20 = 40% chance 40 Vitality coins

Types of possible prizes include AIA merchandise, AIA events, fitness devices, gym passes, movie tickets, gift cards and vouchers.

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Advantages of AIA Vitality programme

The AIA membership card allows its users to enjoy three main benefits from the programme. The first benefit is acquired when a given milestone is achieved — for example, doing a physical exercise or improving your health knowledge.

The second main benefit is accessing discounts from AIA Vitality partners. The discount benefit is accessible to all members. However, the range and size of the discounts are determined by the user's membership level.

The third main benefit is getting premium discounts on selected AIA insurance schemes.

1. Discounts with partners

AIA members can enjoy discounts with a range of partners, including wellness and fitness centres, opticians, and more. The higher your membership level, the greater the value of the discounts you can unlock.

For example, as a Bronze member, you can get 5% rebate on Emirates and Singapore Airlines airfares and 10% off cruise fares onboard the RoyalCaribbean.

In contrast, a Platinum member will be entitled to 20% off Emirates and Singapore Airlines airfares and 50% off all RoyalCaribbean cruise fares.

2. Personalised wellness programme

AIA Vitality members have access to a personal physical activity programme that is tailored to their own needs and goals. The programme includes a variety of activities that can be tracked with a wearable device or mobile app that awards points upon completion.

3. Savings on your AIA insurance premiums

Members of AIA Vitality will be able to sign up for selected AIA insurance plans. They can enjoy an upfront discount* on their first-year premium.

The AIA insurance plans involved are as follows:

  1. AIA Secure Term Plus
  2. AIA Secure Critical Cover
  3. AIA Complete Critical Cover (S$)
  4. AIA Recovery Lifeline
  5. AIA Premier Disability Cover
  6. AIA HealthShield Gold Max Essential

All insurance plans are eligible for a 5% premium discount except for AIA HealthShield Gold Max Essential – which receives none.

Upon improving Vitality Status, members can also receive up to 15% off discounts on future years' premiums*. Depending on the status, the premium discount may increase or decrease.

Vitality Status Adjustment to the premium discount at policy renewal annually
Bronze Decrease by 2%
Silver Decrease by 1%
Gold Increase by 1%
Platinum Increase by 2%

Note: AIA Vitality insurance premium discount only applies to insured AIA Vitality members.

The subsequent-year premium discount is calculated by applying the discount percentages (determined by Vitality Status) to the existing premium discounts carried over from the previous year. Here's a bar chart to better illustrate:

Source: AIA Vitality

Hence, if you achieve a Gold Vitality Status (+1%) in your second insured year, your base 5% premium discount will increase to 6% that same year. Once you hit Platinum Vitality Status (+2%), the premium discount is further bumped up to 8% and so on with each year's policy renewal.

*Premium discount is only applicable to premiums based on a standard life. It is not applicable on any extra premiums due to loading. Premium discount is capped at 15% and floored at 0%.

4. Eligibility for additional protection plans

Category Product
Critical Illness Protection AIA Diabetes Care
AIA Absolute Critical Cover
AIA Prime Critical Cover
AIA Beyond Critical Care
Medical Protection AIA Healthshield Gold Max
AIA Hospital Income
Life Protection AIA Secure Flexi Term
AIA Pro Lifetime Protector (II)
AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus (III)
Disability Income Protection AIA Premier Disability Cover

These protection plans refer to additional insurance products that AIA Vitality members are eligible for upon membership.

Depending on your healthcare needs, this robust set of insurance plans is sure to provide the necessary coverage for your specific condition. All of these can be bought via an AIA appointed representative.

AIA Vitality milestone benefits 

Platinum status bonus

Your hard work does not go unrewarded. For those successfully reaching Platinum status, you'll receive 2,000 Vitality coins. In turn, these coins can then be used to redeem vouchers for partnered goods and services.

Do note that unused coins will be forfeited once they expire, so be sure to check for their validity in your My AIA SG app.

Discounts with AIA Vitality Partners

Additionally, members may receive discounts on a variety of goods and services when they present their AIA Vitality membership cards/e-cards. 

Your AIA Vitality status determines the amount of discount you receive. The higher your level, the larger the discount you receive.

Here is a breakdown of how some of the discounts are offered:

Category Partner Benefits


Do health and fitness assessments to understand your health and set health goals.

Fullerton Healthcare, Healthway Medical, OneCare Medical, Q&M, Health Can Be Fun, Eu Yan Sang, Singapore Optometric Association

Fullerton Healthcare: Discount rates on advanced screening packages and vaccinations 

Healthway Medical: Discount rates on basic health screening, vaccination and dental assessment

One Care Medical: Discount rates on basic health screening and vaccination

Q&M: Discount rates for dental assessment

Health Can Be Fun: Discounted nutrition assessment^

Eu yan Sang: Free consultation at selected TCM clinics^

Singapore Optometric Association: Eye health screening^


Access AIA's online tools and partner discounts to facilitate healthier living.

Cold Storage, Fitness First, Gravity, Virgin Active, Adidas, Polar, Fitbit, Garmin, Allen Carr, Under Armour, Boxgreen, Re-

Cold Storage: 20% cashback on HealthyFood™ range

Fitness First / Gravity: 20% off monthly membership fee for 12-month package*

Virgin Active: 30% off monthly membership fee for 12-month package & exclusive in-club privileges*

Gravity Club: 20% off monthly membership fee for 12-month package & free fitness assessment 

Adidas: 25% off extensive range of usual-priced products

Fitbit: Up to 30% off fitness devices and 25% off smartwatches

Garmin / Polar: 25% off selected fitness devices

Allen Carr: S$100 off Allen Carr's EasyWay® To Stop Smoking Seminar

Under Armour: 10% off sportswear, shoes and accessories

Boxgreen: 14% off products^

Re-: 15% off items^


The more Vitality Points, the higher the Vitality Status, the bigger the rewards and AIA Vitality Insurance Premium Discounts.

Golden Village, AIA, RoyalCaribbean International, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Agoda, Jabra, Samsung

Golden Village: 2 x S$3 monthly redemptions off movie tickets or Zen Zone admission

AIA: Up to 15% off selected new AIA insurance plans*

RoyalCaribbean: Up to 50% off cruises*

Emirates and Singapore Airlines: Up to 20% rebate on airfares*

Agoda: S$50 off staycay bookings^

Jabra: Up to 20% off selected items^

Noel: 10% or S$5 off selected items^

Samsung: Up to 20% off selected items^

*Offers depend on Vitality Status
^Valid till 31 May 2022

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Hidden drawbacks of AIA Vitality programme

Pay for AIA insurance to qualify 

While there are many benefits to being an AIA Vitality member, one of the hidden costs is that you must be an AIA insurance customer to qualify. This means that you must pay annual premiums of at least S$176 in order to be eligible for the programme's rewards and benefits.

While the discounts and rewards are valuable, they may not be worth the cost of insurance premiums for everyone. It is important to weigh the benefits against the costs to see if the programme is right for you.

Pay for exercise monitoring gadgets such as Garmin, Polar or Fitbit

If you want to earn points for physical activity, then be aware that the programme requires a wearable device or mobile app. Such devices and apps can typically cost S$50–S$150.

Whereas for 12-month gym membership plans at Fitness First (20% off), Virgin Active (30% off) or Gravity Club (20%), AIA members can save up to S$38.40, S$73.20 and S$69 respectively per month.

Assuming you decide to take up the AIA Vitality programme for a year, here's an example of how much it can cost you:

Component Cost of AIA Vitality programme Reward Type Reward Savings
Annual membership S$96 Fitness First discounts (Monthly) S$25 to S$38.40
Cost of basic personal insurance plan Depends on quote given and subsequent premiums Virgin Active discounts (Monthly) S$73.20
Cost of Fitbit S$115.38 Cashback and movie ticket discounts Depends on tier
Total From S$211.38 Total From S$98.20

More than just 10,000 daily steps

With the target for the weekly fitness challenge ranging from 200 to 400 points, you won't be able to earn maximum points through walking alone.

The maximum number of points earned in a day through 10,000 steps is 50 points. Assuming you achieve those 10k steps daily:

7 days x 50 points = 350 points

This sum will still fall short of 50 points from the 400-point cap. Hence, this means that you'll need to supplement your weekly fitness challenge with other methods like tracking workouts with a fitness device (up to 100 points) or exercising at AIA's partner gyms (100 points).

Is the AIA Vitality programme a worthwhile investment? 

AIA Vitality rewards its members with a number of different benefits, including rewards for physical activity, discounts with partner organisations, and air ticket cashback. Members are also able to access their insurance policies, and AIA Vitality accounts on the same mobile application.

While there are some costs associated with the programme, such as premiums for AIA insurance and the cost of a wearable device, the AIA Vitality benefits are worth it for many people. The programme is especially beneficial for those who are already active and looking for ways to stay healthy and save money.

If you’re a travel enthusiast, not only can AIA Vitality bring you rewards, selecting the right air miles credit card can also unlock huge savings for your travel dreams. Apply for an air miles credit card with us for exclusive offers and welcome gifts!* 

*Rewards may change without prior notice. Terms and conditions apply.

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