9 Money-Saving Coffee Hacks to Try in Singapore

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There are worse vices than store-bought coffee. But your daily coffee habit adds up over time, causing a huge drain on your wallet. 

With a little clever planning, you can still keep your coffee shop habit without breaking the bank. Here are some tried-and-tested coffee hacks in Singapore that will save you big bucks.

1. Bring Your Own Cup

Places like Starbucks give you a small discount if you bring your own mug, tumbler, or thermos for them to top off. This not only adds up to more savings over time, but also helps the environment by conserving resources!

2. Order a French Press or Pot

A great way to save money is to order in bulk by buying a pot or a French press., which serves several cups of coffee. This is cheaper than ordering coffee individually, especially if you plan on sticking around for hours. An even better way to save is to go as a group and split the cost of the coffee.

3. Make Full Use of Your Credit Card Perks

A good credit card should have rewards and privileges that suit your lifestyle. If you’re still searching for a credit card in Singapore, make sure to choose one that gives rebates and discounts for coffee purchases. The Citibank Cash Back Credit Card, for instance, gives 8% cashback at food and beverage outlets.

 4. Sign Up for Store Rewards

If there’s a particular coffee shop or coffee chain you frequent, it pays to sign up for their loyalty program. Besides getting a fancy card with your name on it, watch out for exclusive perks like product discounts, free gifts, and complimentary beverages on special occasions like your birthday. 

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5. Buy Store-Brand Beans for Home Brewing

Can’t live without that cup of Starbucks? Stock up on a bag of their store blends and fire up your coffee maker. Brewing your own coffee at home is cheaper than going the store-bought route. To ease yourself into the habit, buy in bulk from your regular shop and find a way to grind your own beans to your preferences.

6. Cut Down on the Ice

Getting a regular iced coffee? Ask your barista to lessen the ice in your drink. Too much ice can water down your drink as it melts, diluting its flavor. By asking for just enough ice to keep things cool, you get more coffee for your money.

7. Order with a Friend

If you and a co-worker have the same taste in drinks, try ordering the largest size on the menu and splitting it between the two of you. You can save anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars compared to if you bought two separate beverages.


 8. Make Your Own Iced Latte

Score a cheap iced latte when you order an espresso over ice in a large cup. Fill up with the free milk on the condiments area on the way out!

9. Get the Smallest Size

At Starbucks, get a “Short” instead of a “Tall”. Not only is it cheaper; short capuccinos contain the same amount of espresso as a tall one.

Give these coffee hacks a try and see the difference it makes to your budget!

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