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4 Ways To Save Money On Fitness Classes In Singapore

Celine Asril

Celine Asril

Last updated 25 October, 2019

We talk to a fitness enthusiast on how to cut costs on gym memberships and fitness classes in Singapore.

Fitness enthusiast and creative director, June Thein, who works out at least five times a week. She’s been through it all – gym memberships, fitness trends, studio packages and personal training sessions.  

Here are her top four tips on how to stay fit in Singapore for less:

1. Sign up for a Multi-Gym Pass

“If you're looking for diversity in your workouts and not looking to commit to a long-term single gym membership, multi-gym passes like KFit and ClassPass are definitely the way to go. They offer quite a range of fitness studios and programmes,” she says. 

“The only pitfall is that classes can get booked out and you're limited to a certain number every month.” KFit’s Fitness Pass is priced at $89 for the first month and $99 for every subsequent month for ten sessions each month, while ClassPass is priced at $99 per month after the first month's free trial.

2. Organise or join community groups

“There are loads of other ways to exercise. You can organise runs and boot camps with friends. Singapore is a great place for working out outdoors because it has many parks and open spaces,” she shares. 

As for what you should be looking to do: “Body-weight exercises can get you fairly good results. Look out for boot camp meetups and free yoga-in-the-park type of sessions to stretch your muscles after.” That’s exactly what we were thinking.

3. Use your credit card privileges

“When I signed up with my gym a couple of years ago, I got a pretty decent discount with my Citibank credit card,” she recalls.

In addition to asking gyms what credit cards offer discounts, find out if you’ll get cashback privileges.For instance, American Express True Cashback card offers 1.5 per cent with no minimum spend required.

Meanwhile, DBS Woman’s World Mastercard gives cardmembers 2 complimentary visits to select True Fitness Centres, and the True Yoga Centre at Pacific Plaza every month. The card also waives the SGD$200 joining fee when you sign up for a 24-month membership with True Fitness and True Yoga.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions of these deals so you aren't surprised by up-front fees you may have to pay. “While I received a discount, I had to pay two years of gym membership fees upfront," June adds.

You can use's free comparison tools to find the best rewards credit card for you.

4. Use your company privileges

“If you're working in a large organisation or multinational corporation, chances are high your company’s already worked out tie-ups with a gym nearby. You might receive a good corporate discount or welcome package deal when you sign up.”

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By Celine Asril
Celine Asril is a former Food & Drink Editor who writes about food, travel and lifestyle with a sustainable angle. This includes sharing sound financial tips for good future planning.

Celine Asril is a former Food & Drink Editor who writes about sustainable living, including sharing sound financial tips.


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