3 Thrifty Tips to Drinking Cheaper in Singapore

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

Last updated 06 October, 2015
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Liquor taxes in Singapore will only go one direction - up. Here are 3 ways to spend less on alcohol without having to quit your favourite bars.

When a bartender handed over the bill for my bespoke cocktail, I could almost hear my wallet sighing in protest. S$28 for a drink—albeit a sensory experience on my palate—is a little too steep in my books.

Cocktails, wine, and beer. Three very different types of drinks but all just as expensive. I once paid close to S$30 for a pint of Erdinger. Ouch.

It came as no surprise when GoEuro ranked Singapore 6th on the most expensive beer in the world charts. And it feels like the liquor taxes will only go in one direction—that’s up.

As I like to enjoy a few drinks on a good night, I had to find ways to avoid spending exorbitant amounts to have fun. This is what I’ve been doing since:

1. Have a Chill-out Night at My House

I’d invite friends over to my place instead of heading out to a bar, asking them to BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) if they have special requests. Then I’d order a carton of Tiger Beer from Redmart (S$66.30 for 30 cans).

Sure, the costs can go even lower if I went to Sheng Shiong to shop for beer. But I’m a big fan of not having to lug my booze home.

2. Visit My Favourite Cheap Haunts

When my friends and I have an inkling to get out, we choose bars that have fantastic deals on drinks. Here are my top recommendations:

Drinks & Co at Club Street

It’s great for bottles—wine and liquor—with prices that are almost duty-free. Go early, as it gets really crowded on Thursday and Friday nights.

Wine Connection at Robertson Quay

Here, you can get a large selection of wine for extremely affordable prices. It also offers great tapas if you feel peckish.

Five Bar at Orchard Road

Probably the only place in Singapore where you can get beer at a bar for S$5.

3. Use a Credit Card for Offers

If you have a bar or speakeasy you visit regularly, you spend less when you use a dining credit card that have deals and discounts with them. I love the American Express Platinum Credit Card because of the great deals they have for restaurants and bars. They even have a one-for-one at my favourite cocktail bars, The Secret Mermaid and the Spiffy Dapper. It really saves a lot when I have a night out with my friends.

Now it's your turn. What are some of the ways you drink for less in Singapore? Share your tips at the SingSaver.com.sg Facebook page!

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Ayush Gupta

By Ayush Gupta

With more than 10 years of experience in the telecom and digital industries, Ayush is currently the Managing Director of SingSaver.com.sg. As the former Associate Director at Singtel Digital, his forte lies in marketing, product and affiliate partnerships.



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