8 Affordable (and Amazing) Ramadan Snacks by Halal Bakers in Singapore

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 05 May, 2021

Check out our list of eight affordable Ramadan snacks perfect for the coming Hari Raya festivities.


Hari Raya Puasa is barely a week away, which means it’s time to indulge in your favourite Ramadan snacks and traditional cookies!

We’ve rounded up eight popular halal bakers in Singapore known for their excellent cakes, cookies and assorted baked confections.

Whether they are traditional favourites given a modern twist, or old-school classics reinvented for the Instagram-age, these delicious treats are made all the sweeter on account of their affordable prices.

Let’s jump right in!

Where to get affordable Ramadan snacks and cookies for Hari Raya

Ramadan snackCostOrder from
Sea Salted BrownieHalf (8” x 3.5”) - S$16
Whole (8” x 8”) - S$25
Rainbow Lapis1kg - S$48.90Kuih Raya
Buttery Macadamia CookiesS$23.80 Bread Garden
Oatmeal Apricot CookiesPetite - S$14.90
Medium - S$18.90
Large - S$24.90Regular (glass jar) - S$27.90
Large (glass jar) - S$40.90
All Things Delicious
Cornflake CookiesS$20 (approx 50 pcs)Krisp
Ondeh-ondeh TartsS$25 (approx 50 pcs)Julie Bakes
Tapak KudaS$10.70Breadwerks
Dahlia CookiesS$20.90Butter Studio

Sea Salted Brownies - Fudgies

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Cost: From S$16

Order: Fudgies’ Instagram

You can’t go wrong with chocolate - especially when it’s given a savoury, salty kick from sea salt.

Muslim-owned bakery Fudgies has got its recipe down pat, delivering a crowd-winning rendition of brownies that are at once moist, chewy and fudgey. 

Its most popular version is the Sea Salted Brownie, which has customers coming back time and again for its perfect balance of sweet and savoury. Expect orders to shoot through the roof during Ramadan. 

Besides its salty-sweet headliner, Fudgies also offer chocolate-topped and Red Velvet versions of its signature brownies.  

Rainbow Laips - Kuihraya.sg

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Cost: S$48.90

Order: Website

This colourful treat is sure to liven up your table. 

The aptly-named Rainbow Lapis transforms the traditionally bright yellow layer cake into a more dazzling version, by dyeing each layer a different colour. Think Rainbow Layer Cake, but certified halal. 

Each cake weighs 1kg, and costs just shy of $50. But with its vibrant good looks and delicious taste, this Ramadan treat will be a delight for the eyes and tummy.

While you’re on the Kuihraya website, don’t forget to browse around. The online store sells several more treats that are great as traditional iftar snacks.

Rack up at least $100 in orders and you can enjoy free delivery! 

Buttery Macadamia Cookies - Bread Garden

Halal status: MUIS certified

Cost: S$23.80

Order: Website

Bread Garden’s signature Buttery Macadamia Cookies are said to be so good that one bite is all it takes to get you hooked. 

With a rich, buttery flavour, and stuffed with crunchy bits of macadamia nuts, these cookies are a serious crowd-pleaser and a worthy addition to any iftar table. 

Lovingly made by hand according to traditional recipes, these addictive treats are made with 100% natural ingredients and contain no preservatives. Even the macadamia nuts used are of the Australian variety, said to contain higher levels of healthy HDL cholesterol - a fact you’ll no doubt console yourself with when you find your fingers brushing the bottom of the jar. 

Bread Garden also offers other popular Ramadan snacks like pineapple tarts, almond cookies and spicy shrimp rolls. There’s a current buy-5-get-1-free promotion which you should definitely make use of to get more bang for your buck. 

Oatmeal Apricot Cookies - All Things Delicious

Halal status: MUIS certified

Cost: From S$14.90

Order: Website

Chewy, moreish and oh-so-satisfying, these Oatmeal Apricot Cookies by local restaurant All Things Delicious have quickly become known as a household snack, especially during the Ramadan period. 

The recipe combines wholesome oats and tangy apricot with the punchy notes of cinnamon, resulting in a deceptively plain-looking cookie that will have you reaching for the jar non-stop. 

Good thing then, that it comes in a variety of sizes - we say just go for the largest jar. 

Cornflake Cookies - Krisp

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Cost: S$20

Order: Krisp' Instagram

Among the great many varieties of Ramadan snacks and Hari Raya Cookies, cornflake cookies occupy a near iconic status in many households, Muslim or otherwise. Nary an iftar table will be caught without at least a jar or plate of these crispy, tasty baked treats.  

Muslim-owned and run home kitchen Krisp puts out a version that is so addictive that their Cronflake Cookies are already sold out. A cursory look at customer reviews will tell you why: “crunchy, lemak, sweet, got cookie taste, sedap!”

Consider us convinced!  

Ondeh-ondeh Tarts - Julie Bakes

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Cost: S$25

Order: Julie Bakes' Instagram

Think of it as a Malay-inspired version of the beloved pineapple tart.

Made with a buttery crust flavoured with fragrant pandan leaves, paired with gula melaka filling with toffee-like, caramel flavours, and finally topped with desiccated coconut, Julie Bakes’ Ondeh-ondeh Tarts are a popular Ramadan snack.

Savoury, rich and sweet, the versatile treat is delicious whether as an after-meal dessert, or accompanied by a steaming cup of teh.

If chocolate is more of your taste, then go for the Nutella Tarts instead. You can’t beat the simple but addictive combination of Nutella spread on buttery biscuits.  

Tapak Kuda - Breadwerks 

Halal status: MUIS certified

Cost: S$10.70

Order: Website

Tapak Kuda is the name of a traditional Malay cake that resembles a horse’s hoof. 

Despite that somewhat unappetising moniker, tapak kuda is actually quite delicious. Think of it as a fold-over version of Swiss Roll, with rich and buttery cake filled with a decadent chocolate ganache centre. 

Local MUIS certified bakery Breadwerks offers three versions of this traditional Ramadan cake - Nutella, durian and ondeh-ondeh - for a wallet-friendly $10.70 each. Good thing too, as these things tend to go fast when trotted out during iftar.

Dahlia Cookies - Butter Studio

Halal status: MUIS certified

Cost: S$20.90

Order: Website

A blast from the past, dahlia cookies (aka kuih semprit) are beloved for their smooth, buttery, melt-in-your mouth texture. They are so-named because of the piping tool used, which results in flower-shaped cookies reminiscent of dahlia flower. 

Halal baker Butter Studio has elevated this old-school favourite with intriguing flavour infusions.  There’s the Salted Egg version, which imparts a salty, savoury edge that nicely contrasts with the buttery flavour profile. And then there’s a Thai Tea version, redolent with spiced smokiness.

There’s a minimum order of S$30 and a S$9 delivery fee (U.P. S$16). However, if you spend more than S$150, you can qualify for free delivery. (Hint: stock up on Butter Studio’s selection of Hari Raya cookies to easily make the cut.) 

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