8 Best Finance Podcasts You Should Listen to in 2021

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 16 August, 2021

If you learn best by listening, here are a few of the best finance podcasts you should be listening to.

Finance podcasts are a great way to absorb content around financial literacy and money advice when you’re otherwise engaged - driving, pumping iron at the gym, walking the family pooch in the evenings… You get the idea. 

And with the sheer number of podcast hosts out there, you’re sure to find one (or five) that suits your personal taste in terms of personality, format, style and subject. 

To give you a headstart, we’ve picked out eight of the best finance podcasts in 2021.

8 podcasts to follow for personal finance, investing and money advice

PodcastTopics coveredListen on
Ark InvestDisruptive innovations, genomics, next-gen internet, robotics and tech, etc.Spotify, Apple, Google and Stitcher
Money for the Rest of UsInvesting, wealth, personal financeApple, Spotify, Amazon, Stitcher, iHeart Radio
Business Unusual Business advice, personal finance, inspiration and motivationApple, Spotify
Your Money with Michelle MartinInvesting, saving money, financial literacy MoneyFM89.3
BT Money HacksInvestment insights, money management, insurance, actionable financial tipsApple, Spotify, Google
Let’s Talk CPFCPF matters, financial planningSpotify, Apple, Google, Castbox, Overcast
The Ramsey ShowDebt management, financial planning, money psychologySpotify, Google, Apple, iHeart Radio, Amazon
Yield HuntersYield investing, market outlooks and investment ideasSpotify, Apple, Google

Ark Invest

Listen on: Spotify, Apple, Google and Stitcher

Kicking off our list of recommended finance podcasts is none other than Ark Invest, a US investment and research firm that has steadily captured the attention of the investment world.

This is mainly due to the brilliance of CEO Cathie Wood and her team of talented analysts, as well as their keen focus on unconventional and ground-breaking sectors that have the potential to disrupt industries and shape the stock market. 

The Ark Invest Podcast features meaty episodes around an hour each, delving into diverse and fascinating topics as cryptocurrency, genomics, robotics and advanced tech, future medicine, and more.  

While the subject matter isn't always the easiest to get into, those who spend the time and effort to listen and learn can pick up valuable insights into how and why the topics discussed will impact the market - which, in turn, arms intrepid investors with deep knowledge and clues as to where they should be putting their investment budgets next for big returns. (Or, you know, you could always just follow Ark Invest’s own bets.)

Money for the Rest of Us 

Listen on: Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Stitcher, iHeart Radio

Hosted by popular investment guru J David Stein, Money for the Rest of Us remains one of the most highly recommended finance podcasts to date. 

True to its name, the podcast is often lauded for Stein’s ability to break down complex subjects and challenge conventional thinking, helping investors to think critically about their own portfolios. 

The podcast covers an eclectic range of topics, ranging from climate change to crowdfunding startups, water investing and NFTs (non-fungible tokens, a product of blockchain technology), interspersed with advice on investing and wealth-building, as well as educational and skill-building episodes.

A fascinating listen, especially for those who are seeking to develop a more nuanced and deeper view about money.

Business Unusual

Listen on: Apple, Spotify

A lively podcast hosted by popular Shark Tank investor and one-woman force-of-nature Barbara Cocoran, Business Unusual is recommended for those seeking advice, inspiration and motivation in business, entrepreneurship, investment and personal finance. 

Drawing on her rich experience in hustling her way to the top of New York’s real estate sector, Barbara dispenses hard-won wisdom about getting to where you want to be, delivered in her trademark tough New York straight-talk. 

Each bite-sized episode is a breezy 10 to 12 minutes long, which makes the podcast ideal for when you need a mid-afternoon jolt of can-do from the Queen of the Hustle herself.

Your Money with Michelle Martin

Listen on: MoneyFM89.3

Your Money with Michelle Martin is a financial news radio show that airs every weekday from 9am to 12pm on MoneyFM89.3. 

During the show, host Michelle discusses the latest financial news and developments, and also chats with various guests and experts on money and financial topics. 

In case you don’t have the time to tune in, you can find various clips from the live shows saved as podcasts on the Your Money page over at MoneyFM’s website. 

Ranging from two to 20 minutes each, the podcast episodes are focused on topics like saving money, investing and financial literacy. Recommended for keeping up with the latest local trends in Singapore’s financial space. 

BT Money Hacks

Listen on: Apple, Spotify, Google

Created by the team behind national business broadsheet The Business Times, Money Hacks is a Singapore-focused podcast aimed at ‘breaking down actionable financial tips’.

Listeners can find a variety of financial insights and money advice covering topics like insurance, investing, financial literacy and insights, often shared by highly experienced professionals from banking and financial sectors. 

The podcast episodes run between 10 to 15 mins, with each self-contained episode aiming to deliver financial tips that listeners can act on. Hosted by Chris Lim, with new episodes every first and third Monday of the month. 

Let’s Talk CPF

Listen on: Spotify, Apple, Google, Castbox, Overcast

If you’ve always wanted to learn more about CPF, but can’t find anyone knowledgeable enough to talk to, look no further.

Featuring grounded conversations with bloggers, financial professionals, industry experts and the occasional Minister or two, Let’s Talk CPF breaks down the myths and misunderstandings surrounding various CPF schemes

The podcast covers common CPF questions and showcases CPF hacks, while dispensing financial planning advice that is practical and straightforward. 

This isn’t quite the channel to debate whether the CPF scheme is actually working as intended or not. However, if you’re willing to listen with an open mind and genuine curiosity, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of tips helpful in planning your future. 

The Ramsey Show

Listen on: Spotify, Google, Apple, iHeart Radio, Amazon

A long-standing favourite in personal finance and self-help circles is The Ramsey Show, a podcast by Dave Ramesy, a superstar financial blogger who shot to fame for digging himself out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

The podcast is known for its blend of practical tools and advice for successful debt management, as well as insights on money psychology and mindset that can sway us towards success or failure. 

On each episode, Ramsey and his team of co-hosts tackle a variety of money-related questions from fans and listeners, dissecting the issue while providing guidance on how to proceed. 

Give this one a listen if you’re stuck and need some help from someone who's been there and done that. 

Yield Hunters

Listen on: Spotify, Apple, Google

This podcast is aimed at those seeking to build passive income from dividend yields, but should also prove interesting to investors and market-watchers in general.

Created and hosted by Bondsupermart, Yield Hunters delves into the world of fixed-income investing, covering upcoming news, trends and developments. Some episodes also introduce financial strategies and market insights to listeners. 

Each podcast runs for between 15 to 20 mins, so you should be able to fit in one or more shows during your morning jog. 

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