How to Transfer KrisPay Miles to KrisFlyer Miles

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 27 May, 2024

KrisPay miles and KrisFlyer miles can be converted for one another, giving you greater control over your rewards. Find out how transferring from KrisPay to KrisFlyer works, and what you should note when doing so. 

KrisPay miles and KrisFlyer miles are two types of air miles that you can earn and redeem as you spend on eligible products and services. The main difference between the two is that KrisPay miles are mainly for everyday expenses, while KrisFlyer miles are for air travel and related spends. 

While they may belong to different platforms, you can convert KrisPay miles for KrisFlyer miles, and vice versa. This gives you more flexibility in how you can enjoy your rewards; at the very least, it’s a neat way to avoid the problem of leftover miles. 

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What are KrisPay miles?

KrisPay miles are air miles you can earn when you spend at participating merchants. They serve as the main reward mechanism for the Kris+ mobile app; when you make a payment using the app, you can earn a certain amount of KrisPay miles. 

KrisPay miles may be accumulated and used to offset future payments at KrisPay merchants, or spent at KrisShop, Singapore Airlines’ online shopping portal for travel, lifestyle, electronics and other goods.  

Another way to use KrisPay miles is to convert them to KrisFlyer miles, which we will discuss more later.

How do you get KrisPay miles?

You can earn KrisPay miles in the following ways:

  • Spending at participating KrisPay merchants. Note that not all KrisPay merchants offer KrisPay miles at this time. 
  • Linking Apple Pay or Google Pay to Kris+, and using Kris+ to pay for everyday purchases. You can earn KrisPay miles on top of your regular credit card rewards this way. 
  • Converting KrisFlyer miles to KrisPay miles (see below for details)
  • Converting bank reward points to KrisPay miles (see below for details)

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Transferring KrisPay miles to KrisFlyer miles

Once you have earned your KrisPay miles, you can transfer to them your KrisFlyer account. You can do so by tapping the “Transfer to KrisFlyer” in the Kris+ app miles earned screen or transaction details screen.

Note that you have to transfer your KrisPay miles within seven days of earning them, past this point, they will remain as KrisPay miles in your e-wallet. 

Also, the KrisPay miles earned in a transaction must be transferred in totality; you cannot redeem part of the KrisPay miles earned, then attempt to transfer the remaining miles. 

What is the conversion rate for KrisPay miles to KrisFlyer miles?

KrisPay miles may be converted to KrisFlyer miles at a flat rate of 1:1. 

Thankfully, this means there’s no need for complicated calculations nor waiting for “optimal” conversion amounts. 


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Can I convert from KrisFlyer to KrisPay Miles instead?

Yes, you can. If you want to top up your KrisPay miles to pay for a purchase, you can dip into your KrisFlyer account to convert KrisFlyer miles to KrisPay miles. 

This conversion is performed at the same flare rate of 1:1, and is a great way to hover up all those pesky leftover KrisFlyer miles that are on the verge of expiry. 

Converting bank reward points to KrisPay miles

Besides earning KrisPay miles from purchases, you can also redeem them using your bank reward points. See the table below for the details.

Bank reward points

Conversion to KrisPay miles

Citi Points or Miles

4,000 Citi Miles = 3,400 KrisPay miles


1,000 UOB UNI$ = 1,700 KrisPay miles

DBS Points

100 DBS points = 170 KrisPay miles

CapitaStar STAR$

26 CapitaStar STAR$ = 1 KrisPay mile

Note that you should convert your bank reward points to KrisPay miles with caution, as the conversion rates are poorer. 

For example, 1 Citi Mile is equal to 1 KrisFlyer Mile, but only gets you 0.85 KrisPay Mile. 

Considering that KrisPay miles and KrisFlyer miles are convertible 1 to 1, this means converting your bank points to KrisPay miles gives you less value. 

Still, you may want to do this if you have some leftover bank reward points that you wish to spend via Kris+. But due to the loss in value you will be incurring, this should only be a second or even third resort. 

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Things to note when converting KrisPay miles to KrisFlyer miles

Expiry date when topping up KrisPay miles

KrisFlyer miles have an expiry period of 3 years. However, when converted to KrisPay miles, they will expire in 6 months. Hence, only convert from KrisFlyer to KrisPay when you’re ready to use the miles. 

Conversion fees for KrisPay and KrisFlyer transfer

There are no fees involved when converting from KrisPay to KrisFlyer and vice versa. You can transfer miles instantly via the Kris+ app.

Value of a KrisPay mile

15 KrisPay miles can offset approximately S$0.10 from your purchase. Note that this rate may be subject to change, and can vary depending on the partner merchant.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can KrisPay miles become KrisFlyer miles?

Yes they can. You can convert KrisPay miles to KrisFlyer miles on a 1:1 basis, and may do so within 7 days of earning your KrisPay miles. 

Q: How to redeem KrisPay miles?

KrisPay miles may be redeemed at participating merchants by using them to pay for your purchase, partially or in full. You can also transfer your KrisPay miles to KrisFlyer miles and redeem them for plane tickets and other air travel expenses. 


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