Mobile Plans For Different Lifestyles In Singapore 2020

Marie Cheng

Marie Cheng

Last updated 23 January, 2020

Here’s the thing –– it’s easy to be swayed by Singtel’s stellar brand reputation or Circles.Life’s viral appeal, and make your mobile plan decisions based solely on these factors.

But not everyone has the same needs.

Depending on which stage of life you’re at, you might prioritise the speed of the data connection over cost one day, and the amount of data over talktime the next. To get more value out of your mobile plan, you need to weigh your options and read the fine print in each. Lucky for you, we’ve done the heavy-lifting and sought out the best among the 13 telcos in Singapore. 

Here are the top mobile plans in 2020 for six different types of users — students, travellers, working adults, senior citizens, families, and business owners.

For students: Circles.Life Base Plan ($18 per month)

While access to the Internet is crucial for students who need it for their mountain of assignments, most of them have the luxury of relying on free campus WiFi. What they do prioritise in a mobile plan is a low budget — they don’t need the added financial strain of high monthly fees, on top of the student loans they’ve amassed. A good fit is the Circles.Life basic plan, which offers 20 GB for $18 a month for the first year after you’ve transferred your number. This entails 100 minutes of calls, 25 SMSes, and free caller ID. Users can also customise their plan through the Circles.Life app. 

For travellers: StarHub Travel Prepaid SIM ($12 for 7 days)

The 7-day StarHub Travel Prepaid SIM card is perfect for travellers or people in transit who are making a temporary, week-long visit to Singapore. You’ll get 100GB of local data, inclusive of unlimited data for messaging apps. The plan comes with unlimited local incoming calls, 100 local SMS messages, and 500 minutes of local outgoing calls — all for just $12.

Should you choose to hop over to neighbouring countries for a day trip, this prepaid SIM card also offers 1 GB of roaming data. Missing home? Take advantage of the bundled IDD 018 calls, which is complimentary for the first 30 minutes. Pick up your SIM card at any StarHub counter at Changi Airport, or a 7-Eleven or Cheers convenience store. 

For working adults: StarHub SIM-Only Plan ($45 per month)

Working professionals, who are always on the go and hustling non-stop, will do better with an unlimited data plan with lightning speed connectivity. Giving these users the most bang out of your buck is StarHub’s $25 SIM-only plan. It starts with a base of 5 GB, which can be given a 50 GB boost for an extra $20, amounting to $45 a month. Despite not being the cheapest option, it has the fastest 4G connection speed that only slows down after 55 GB, as opposed to other plans that throttle their speeds after 50 GB or 30 GB. Users will receive unlimited weekend data for a year as well as 100 minutes of calls and free caller ID.

For senior citizens: redONE Amazing8 Plan ($8 per month)

As users who aren’t the most tech-savvy or smartphone-inclined — and, therefore, consume the least amount of data — it makes sense to purchase a mobile plan that caters to light data usage. Don’t waste your dollars on an unlimited data package. Instead, opt for the more budget-friendly alternative.

We recommend redOne’s Amazing8 plan that give you 3GB of data, 100 minutes of local calls, 1,000 minutes of talktime among local redONE users, and 10 SMSes, all for $8. If you have relatives in Malaysia or travel across the causeway often, this plan will benefit you with free data roaming in Malaysia, and free calls and text messages to Malaysian numbers.

For families: VIVIFI Share Plan ($29.90 per month)

Instead of footing your own phone bills individually, take up a family deal with VIVIFI that allows you to share a single mobile plan with your loved ones. The pitfall of subscribing to separate plans is that most of your data will likely go to waste, and so will the money you spent on it.

Enter VIVIFI, one of the latest newcomers in the local telco scene, and its Share Plan, which provides 20 GB of data, 300 minutes of talktime, and 100 SMSes to be shared within a family. The base rate starts at $29.90 a month. Family members may hop aboard for an additional $5.35 a month, per person. A shared plan for a family of five, for instance, will cost $51.30, which works up to an economical $10.26 per head.

For business owners: Singtel Enterprise E5 Plan ($244.90 per month)

Save more with dedicated mobile plans for businesses such as Singtel’s Enterprise mobile bundles. The Enterprise E5 plan, in particular, provides your employees with more data, talktime and other money-saving perks that help with tackling work tasks and dealing with clients in and out of the office.

This package includes 13 GB of local data, unlimited incoming and outgoing local calls, unlimited local SMSes, the ZoneAlarm security app that keeps sensitive information in your smartphone safe, free Auto-subscribe DataRoam Unlimited Daily for overseas roaming, and unlimited close-user group calls within the company.

Looking to get an affordable sim only plan? Use our comparison tool to get one that would suit your usage and lifestyle.

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