Zoe Tay, Li Nanxing Teach Us The Importance of Travel Insurance

SingSaver team

SingSaver team

Last updated 27 February, 2019
Image credit: Screenshot from Singapore Tourism Board video

STB travel insurance campaign using old footage of hit 90s Chinese drama serial The Unbeatables teaches Singaporeans the importance of travel insurance for safe, fuss-free holidays

The public education campaign by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has been making its rounds on social media for its hilarious tongue-in-cheek portrayals of the perils of not purchasing travel insurance.

The “Don’t Travel Blur, Travel Sure” campaign leverages on the nostalgia and (dramatic) humour of popular local 90s Chinese drama serial The Unbeatables starring Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing.  

In an interview with Marketing, Ong Ling Lee, director of travel agents and tourist guides at STB, shares that in a survey conducted by STB, one in 10 of those who buy travel packages has never purchased a travel insurance policy, putting themselves at risk before and during their vacations. “There are also some travellers who risked their vacations by not checking if their travel agents are licensed or not reading and clarifying the terms and conditions of their travel purchases,” Lee said.

Why Overseas Medical Coverage is So Important

As a recent article about a couple who were stranded in Mexico after being kicked off their Royal Carribean cruise has shown, there is no overstating the importance of medical support and coverage when you’re overseas. This is especially so when you’re on a cruise.

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But even for non-cruise holidays, it’s important to keep yourself covered when the unexpected medical emergency arises. This could range in severity from simple food poisoning and the flu, to more serious accidents and injuries that require hospitalisation or medical evacuation.

This is especially important if you’re travelling to countries with inadequate or expensive medical coverage.

Best Travel Insurance for High Medical Coverage Benefit

Allianz Global Assistance Gold offers up to $5,000,000 in medical coverage, and they even have an internal medical team of doctors and air ambulances to administer treatment. Other pros are unlimited emergency medical evacuations for Silver and Gold Plans, full terrorism cover (except biological/chemical/nuclear agents), and Automatic Extension of Cover up to a maximum of 30 days

Allianz Global Assistance | SingSaver

Plan early and save big! Use promo code “ss2019” by 11 March 2019 for 45% Single Trip and Annual Plans – this lowers the price of most of its plans to below industry average, while still offering above market value especially in terms of its medical coverage. What a bargain!

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Protect Yourself Against Flight Cancellations

Before purchasing any travel product from a travel agency, be sure to read the fine print! Make sure the contract indicates that if there are any major changes to the itinerary, the travel agent should give you the option to accept or cancel the package.

On a related note, also check any cancellation clause – will you be entitled to a full refund in the event of a cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances like an illness or natural disaster?

The safest way to cover against trip cancellations is with travel insurance. It differs from plan to plan, but cancellation coverage usually covers you in the event that you can’t fulfill your trip due to certain (limited) circumstances. For example, you, your relative, or your travel companion falling ill; civil unrest or natural disaster at your holiday destination; or damage to your home causing you to have to stay in the country.

Most importantly, you must have purchased the travel insurance before news of the unexpected event breaks. For example, if news of a volcano eruption in Bali breaks before you purchase your travel insurance, you will unlikely be able to claim cancellation coverage due to natural disaster.

Some providers like Singlife do cover "trip cancellations for any reason" for their higher tier plans, but there is a condition that you must purchase your insurance before or within 7 days of making your first deposit for your trip. So be sure to check exclusions and buy travel insurance as early as possible so that you can maximise your coverage.

Cheapest Single Trip Travel Insurance Plan

FWD offers extremely competitive pricing for comprehensive coverage. Prices start from as low as $9 for single trip travel insurance plans if you are in relatively good health (no pre-existing medical condition) and travelling light on a short trip.

If you want to increase your coverage a little, the FWD First - Asia plan offers up to $15,000 in cancellation coverage at only $26 premium!

FWD Travel Insurance | SingSaver

SingSaver's Exclusive FWD Promotion: Use the promo code TRAVEL25 to get a 25% discount on Single Trip and 20% discount on Annual Trip plans! Valid till 14 July 2024. T&Cs apply. 

Also receive:

  • 2 miles per S$1 spend on your premium. Valid till  30 September 2024 5:30 pm. T&Cs apply.
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Did You Know That Travel Insurance Covers Travel Agent Insolvency?

It’s been said before but it’s worth saying again – if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Before committing to a purchase from any travel agent, check they have a proper licence via the TRUST Travel Agents Directory.

Even then, a trusted and registered travel agent still poses the risk of insolvency. With the recent news of Zuji closing its doors, customers often get the short end of the stick when travel agents go bust – for example, will airlines and hotels still honour their bookings, and if not, will customers be able to get a full refund.

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Be sure to purchase your own travel insurance – the ones “recommended” by the travel agent may not always provide the best coverage – as soon as your travel dates are confirmed.

Check our Best Travel Insurance for 2019 guide to compare the best plans and promo codes around travel insurance benefits.  

Alternatively, compare and apply for your travel insurance through our SingSaver comparison tool and find the best plans for your needs, based on destination, coverage, premium, and more!

Travel Insurance Comparison | SingSaver

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