12 Best Dehumidifiers In Singapore 2021 — Xiaomi, Novita, EuropAce & More

Alevin Chan
Last updated Aug 17, 2021

If you’ve ever felt that the air at home is moist, wet, or even musty, you probably need a dehumidifier. Keep mould, odours and other threats at bay with these 12 best air dehumidifiers for all budgets in Singapore. 

Every spending situation is unique. SingSaver assembles the ‘Best For‘ list, so you can decide what’s best for you.

While Singapore’s climate is relatively mild and stable, the weather can be oppressively uncomfortable, especially when there is a killer mix of high humidity, still air and warm temperatures.

Beyond spoiling your day, high humidity can also cause a host of other problems. It can encourage the growth of mould and mildew, which can wreak havoc on your belongings, as well as taint clothing and spaces with a musty smell. One particular species of mould, called black mould, is even a known health hazard and requires professional cleaning to get rid of. 

Why do I need a dehumidifier at home in Singapore? 

Excessive humidity makes everything feel sticky and clammy, and can rob you of a good night’s sleep. Humid conditions also prevent your laundry from drying properly, which can develop a bad smell.

Similarly, humidity trapped in the bathroom will cause algae and mould to grow on the floor and wall. 

If you’re experiencing these and other issues, consider investing in a dehumidifier. Designed to extract moisture from the air, a dehumidifier lowers the humidity in an environment. By removing excess moisture, you can reduce or prevent mold growth in bathrooms and closets, saving your belongings from humidity damage and removing bad smells. 

Drier air will also help wet laundry, thick blankets and pillows dry faster and more thoroughly, preventing that dreaded musty odour. 

With lowered humidity in your home, you’ll feel less sticky and more comfortable. You don’t have to crank up the air conditioner as often, and therefore save money on electricity bills in the long run! 

What kind of dehumidifier do I need?

You’ll first have to determine whether the humidity problem is prevalent throughout your home or in a specific area. If you need a dehumidifier for your whole house, you should consider an integrated whole-home system.

If you only have a humidity problem in specific areas, a smaller, portable dehumidifier would do the trick. However, while smaller dehumidifiers may cost less and are easy to move, they might not work as efficiently as a bigger capacity dehumidifier. 

Another factor to consider is the size of the room the dehumidifier will be placed in. A bigger room would require a dehumidifier with a larger capacity to ensure that you get the best results from it. 

Picking the right size

When we discuss the size of dehumidifiers, it’s not about the physical size but the moisture removal capacity. Logically, a bigger or damper room would require a higher capacity (and the reverse holds true). 

Here is the recommended dehumidifier capacity, based on the size of your room.

Size of dehumidifier based on room area

Room size (Sq ft)Recommended dehumidifier capacity
400 to 600+Small — removes 20 to 25 pints of moisture
800 to 1000+Medium — removes 30 to 35 pints of moisture
1,200 to 1,500+Large — removes 40 to 55 pints of moisture

Choose your dehumidifier according to purpose

Before you commit to a purchase, decide the main function or issue for which you need the dehumidifier.

For example, If you’re simply trying to keep a poorly-ventilated bathroom dry between uses, keeping a smaller model running in the bathroom may provide better results than, say, running a larger, more costly machine in the kitchen.

Likewise, if you’re concerned about air quality and health, investing in a two-in-one dehumidifier and air purifier may be the better choice. 

What’s the difference between an air purifier and a dehumidifier?

Air purifiers and dehumidifiers can look very similar, design-wise. Some even share overlapping functions, such as dust removal and air sanitisation. 

However, dehumidifiers are designed with the express purpose of removing excess moisture and lowering humidity in a space. Any additional functions, such as air filtration, are not the main function of the device. 

That’s to say, while dehumidifiers do provide a measure of air cleaning, they are unlikely to match the full air purification capabilities of air purifiers. 

By the same token, air purifiers with added dehumidifying functions may not be able to achieve the moisture control you need.

However, specialised two-in-one devices offering both dehumidification and full-feature air purification are available for purchase. These are high-end machines with robust capabilities that can reliably fulfil both needs, giving you good value for money.

Here are 12 such devices with an emphasis on dehumidifying features, across a budget range, for you to choose from.

Cheapest dehumidifier: Ezbuy Charcoal Dehumidifier
Best large capacity dehumidifier: Xiaomi Deerma Large Capacity Dehumidifier
Best discrete dehumidifier: Olee Dehumidifier Rod
Best overall dehumidifier: Novita ND298 Dehumidifier
Best value-for-money dehumidifier: Momax AP1S with Carbon Filter
Best dehumidifier for small rooms: Yangzi MUTE Air Dehumidifier
Best dehumidifier for large rooms: Mistral Dehumidifier MDH100
Best for sensitive users: Novita ND2000 PuriDry 2-in-1

Last updated on 17 August 2021. Dehumidifier prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

12 best dehumidifiers in Singapore for budgets ranging from under S$100 to S$700

Brand and modelMoisture extraction and coverageAir filtrationCost
Ezbuy Charcoal DehumidifierS$3.50 on Ezbuy
Olee Dehumidifier Rod (18 inch)Up to 4.2 sqmS$69.90 on Lazada
Yangzi MUTE Air Dehumidifier1,000ml per day, up to 30 sqmUV light, built-in ioniser S$78 on Lazada
LifePro DH1212L per day, up to 90 sqmBuilt-in ioniserS$179 on Shopee
Momax AP1S1L per day, 20 sqmH13 HEPA with active carbon filter S$199 on Lazada
Xiaomi Deerma Large Capacity Dehumidifier15L per day, up to 30 sqmBuilt-in ioniserFrom S$209 on Shopee
Olee Premier Aqua Dehumidifier OL-800600ml per day, up to 20sqmS$229 on Lazada
Mistral Dehumidifier MDH1002L per day, up to 90 sqmUV light, built-in ioniser S$299 on Best Denki
Novita ND298 Dehumidifier12L per day, up to 28 sqmBuilt-in ioniser, pre-filter screenS$399 at Novita
EuropAce 3121S12L per day, up to 25 sqmPre-filter, HEPA, activated carbon filter S$409 on Shopee
Novita ND2000 PuriDry 2-in-120L per day, up to 50 sqmFull-function HEPA air filter, built-in ioniserS$699 on Novita
Philips Series 5000 2-in-1 Dehumidifier25L per dayHEPA filter, VitaShield IPSS$799 on Lazada

Cheapest dehumidifier: Ezbuy Charcoal Dehumidifier, S$3.50

Source: Ezbuy

Ezbuy Charcoal Dehumidifier review

Sold in a pack of four, this disposable dehumidifier box is the most affordable option you can find when it comes to simple dehumidifiers for your room/cupboards. Known as chemical absorbent dehumidifiers, these products absorb moisture from the air into desiccant materials, resulting in the pool of water you see at the bottom of the container after use. 

With a capacity of 850ml, this charcoal dehumidifier tub is bigger than ones that you might find at Watsons or Guardian, and has an even cheaper price tag of around 87 cents per unit. 

Tried and tested by the writer of this article, one tub should last you around 20 to 25 days, depending on the humidity of the place. Although small, it has the ability to draw in moisture, remove odour, prevent mould growth and remove excess moisture in the air. 

Best discrete dehumidifier: Olee Dehumidifier Rod (18 inch), S$69.90

Source: Lazada

Olee Dehumidifier Rod (18-inch) review

The Olee Dehumidifier Rod is perfect for minimalists. This slim rod, which comes in sizes ranging from 12 inch to 36 inches, is easy to place in areas such as wardrobes, under the sink, shoe racks and display cabinets. 

All you need is to plug it in and let it do its work. With its noise-free operation and low energy consumption, you (and your electricity bill) won’t even notice that it’s there.

Best value-for-money dehumidifier: Yangzi MUTE Air Dehumidifier, from S$78

Source: Yangzi

Yangzi MUTE Air Dehumidifier review

The MUTE Air Dehumidifier is a sleek, intelligent machine offering automatic environment controls, at-a-glance LED display and low-noise operation. 

It is said to remove up to 1.08L of moisture in a 24-hour period, and can cover up to 30sqm of space – making it ideal for use in living rooms, kitchens and large bedrooms. 

In addition, the MUTE Air Dehumidifier also includes air sanitisation via UV-C light and built-in ioniser, which produces negative ions to eliminate odours and other pollutants. 

But perhaps its best feature is the affordable price, as this air dehumidifier is available at under S$100!

Best dehumidifier for large rooms: LifePro DH12, from S$179

Source: LifePro

LifePro DH12 review

With dehumidification capacity of up to 12l per day and covering a whopping 90sqm, the LifePro DH12 is designed for apartments as large as 4-room HDB flats.

One machine can reliably achieve whole-house dehumidification, though that would depend on the actual conditions of use. That said, for the advertised price, it’s not a bad bargain if the machine really proves that powerful.

As an added bonus, the LifePro DH12 comes with a built-in air ionizer that helps to control odours while keeping humidity down. 

Momax AP1S, S$199

Source: Momax

Momax AP1S review

What sets this dehumidifier apart from the rest is its air-purifying capability. This dehumidifier uses a H13 HEPA filter with an activated carbon. When used together, they can prevent larger particles such as dust and lint from getting through to the air purifier. 

The water tank can hold up to 1L of water and at just 31.5cm in height, this dehumidifier and air purifier is small enough for you to move around your house with ease.

You can also remotely control this dehumidifier with a touch of your finger from your phone. The IoT technology also allows it to automatically adjust based on the weather outside. 

Best large capacity dehumidifier: Xiaomi Deerma Large Capacity Dehumidifier – From S$209

Source: Deerma

Xiaomi Deerma Large Capacity Dehumidifier review

Boasting up to 15l of moisture removal per day, the Deerma Large Capacity Dehumidifier is well-suited to tackle Singapore’s wet and humid climate. 

Featuring a double drain system that incorporates a copper condenser as well as an evaporator for enhanced moisture capture, this dehumidifier can also function as an indoor laundry drier when set to the dedicated “Drying” mode – easily accessible via its one-touch controls. 

Other notable features include fan-speed controls, as well as a built-in air ionizer to freshen up your space.

Best dehumidifier for small rooms: Olee Premier Aqua Dehumidifier OL-800, S$229

Source: Lazada

Olee Premier Aqua Dehumidifier OL-800 review

With a 2L storage tank, this Olee dehumidifier might not have the biggest capacity but it gets the job done. This dehumidifier is energy-efficient and noise-free so you can leave this on the whole night without it disrupting your sleep. 

The LED indicator on this dehumidifier will indicate when the water tank is full and automatically cut the power. The dehumidifier also has an ‘Auto sensor mode’ and a ‘Continuously on mode’ for you to select from. The inbuilt timer has three settings — six hours, eight hours and 12 hours — so you can leave it running while running errands without any worry.

Mistral Dehumidifier MDH100, S$299

Source: Best Denki

Mistral Dehumidifier MDH100 review

With the capacity to dehumidify rooms of up to 90 sqm, this powerful Mistral charcoal dehumidifier is great for use in your home. The dehumidifier has a built-in draining hose, which means you don’t have to manually remove the water when the tank gets full. With a capacity of 10L, this is a sizable dehumidifier. 

It comes with a built-in ioniser and UV lamp and also uses a charcoal filter to keep your air clean and fresh. 

This dehumidifier operates on two speeds — quiet and dry — to suit the different needs that you might have. It even has a memory and auto restart function so that you don’t have to spend too much time toggling the machine. 

For the warranty-worry wart: Novita ND298 Dehumidifier, S$399

Source: Novita

Novita ND298 Dehumidifier review

With its dehumidification capacity of up to 12l a day and effective coverage of 28 sqm, the Novita ND298 is designed for all-day moisture control for small homes. 

Weighing in at just under 12 kg, the compact machine can reliably balance humidity in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms alike.

The added pre-filter screen removes dust, hair and other large particles, while the built-in ionizer deodorises and freshens indoor air. The result is cleaner air along with lower humidity wherever you need it.

EuropAce 3121S, S$409

Source: Europace

EuropAce 3121S review

Featuring an appealing smooth oval shape and rose-gold trimming, Europace’s 3121S Dehumidifier stands out as a visually appealing choice in a sea of utilitarian models.

Not only does it look good, it can also get the job done, being rated to remove up to 12l of moisture a day within a span of 25 sqm. Additionally, Europace states that this device is powerful enough to be used for indoor laundry drying. 

The device also comes with a pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated-carbon filter for 3-stage air purification to achieve both moisture control and air quality improvement at one go.

Best for sensitive users: Novita ND2000 PuriDry 2-in-1, S$699

Source: Novita

Novita ND2000 PuriDry 2-in-1 review

Another good choice if you’re looking for a dehumidifier and air purifier rolled into one is the Novita PuriDry.

Capable of removing up to 20l of moisture throughout the course of a day, the PuriDry can achieve moisture control in a space spanning up to 50sqm. It can also be used for quick and effective drying of wet laundry indoors, helpful during overcast days or for working households. 

Alongside its dehumidification and drying capabilities, the PuriDry also features a full-function HEPA filter and built-in ioniser to deliver high quality air sanitisation; the device is tested to remove 99.99% of fine airborne pollutants within 1 minute. 

Best top-of-the-line dehumidifier: Philips Series 5000 2-in-1 Dehumidifier, S$799

Source: Philips

Philips Series 5000 2-in-1 Dehumidifier review

At the upper end of the spectrum are machines that can reliably achieve both dehumidification as well as air purification functions, offering value for money if you’re in need of both. 

One such device is the Philips Series 5000 2-in-1 Dehumidifier, rated to remove up to 25l of moisture per day, while also removing harmful substances such as gases, microbes, allergens and more from your living space. 

The Series 5000 is designed to offer separate dehumidifying and air purification modes, so you can continue to enjoy clean air indoors even during dry seasons. It also has a dedicated drying mode for indoors laundry drying. 

Questions to ask yourself before buying a dehumidifier

So you’ve decided to buy a dehumidifier. Here are four questions to ask yourself before making that purchase:

Why am I getting a dehumidifier?

In hot and humid Singapore, the humidity is the perfect breeding ground for mould and dust mites. If you have allergies, dehumidifiers are a lifesaver. 

What is my indoor temperature and humidity?

These are important metrics to know as they will affect the capacity of the dehumidifier that you purchase. A warmer and more humid room would naturally require a dehumidifier with a greater capacity. 

How will I remove collected water?

Most standard dehumidifiers will have a water tank to collect water removed from the air. You’ll need to manually pour out the collected water when it gets filled. Dehumidifiers often have a function to shut off once the water tank is full, so you won’t have to worry about them overflowing.

Do I need other functions in my dehumidifier?

You will realise that many of the dehumidifiers listed above do more than just remove moisture from the air. Many of them are also air purifiers, which would be great for those who have sensitive noses. Some other features that you could consider are:

  • Child-lock — to keep the little ones safe
  • Castor-wheels — in case you want to shift your dehumidifier around
  • Integrated timer 
  • Remote controls — to remotely control your appliances from your smartphone

Where to buy a dehumidifier in Singapore: Shopee, Lazada, QOO10 and other online marketplaces

Before you buy your dehumidifier from the manufacturer’s website, go to your favourite online marketplace like Lazada, Shopee or Qoo10 and search for the same model. Maximise your returns by using ShopBack for cashback.

Shopback is a platform that allows you to receive cashback while you spend money – talk about win-win! How does it work? Simply enter the retailer/brand that you are seeking to purchase from, and click through. From there, the shopping experience is exactly the same. The difference is that you stand to enjoy further discounts!

You may find a better price from independent sellers, or from foreign distributors who ship to Singapore. Be sure to check the warranty terms before you purchase, and use the right credit cards to gain perks like cashback and air miles.

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