6 Best Gaming Chairs Under $400 In Singapore

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 29 January, 2021

Yes, they’re costly, but gaming chairs needn’t really cost an arm and a leg. And, gamers or not, these ergonomic chairs can be picked up for a fraction of the price that the swanky brands quote. We’ve handpicked 6 affordable, branded gaming chairs under $400.

Sure, it’d be nice to get that $500 Secretlab gaming chair as a Christmas present, but not everyone has the budget or the willingness to make such a major commitment. Thankfully, there are plenty of stylishly-designed gaming chairs available that not only look good and work well, but are also priced a tad more sensibly.

We’ve picked out 6 of the best affordable gaming chairs in Singapore in the $200 to $400 price range, so you can give yourself (or a loved one) the gift of comfortable, pain-free seating this Christmas. 

6 best affordable gaming chairs priced between $200 to $400

Brand and modelMaterial & ErgonomicsRecommended user weight and height WarrantyPrice
Kanex ArgusClassic textured PU leather
Lumbar support, neck support pillow, flip-up padded arm rests, adjustable seat height, 90 to 120 degree tilt angle
< 100 kg
165 cm - 180 cm
3 years$189.90
Tesoro Zone BalancePU leather
Up to 180 degree recline, adjustable seat height, 3D adjustable armrests. Comes with lumbar support pillow, headrest pillow.
Up to 120 kg
Up to 180 cm
1 year $259.00 
Anda Seat AssassinPVC leather
Up to 160 degree recline, adjustable seat height, 2D adjustable armrests. Comes with velour lumbar support pillow, headrest pillow.
80 to 120 kg170 to 185 cm5 years$280.00
Nitro Concepts S300Cold foam upholstery
Fully adjustable rocking backrest, seat height, 3D adjustable arm rests. Comes with lumbar support and headrest pillows.
Up to 135 kg
Height not specified
2 years$299
Vertagear SL 2000PUC leather
Up to 140 degree recline, adjustable tilt with locking system, adjustable seat height, 2D adjustable armrests. Comes with memory foam neck support and lumbar support pillows.
Up to 110 kg
Up to 193 cm
2 yearsFrom $378 (after CNY discount)
Arozzi Mezzo V2PU leather
Up to 165 degree recline, 12 degree rocking function, adjustable seat height, 2D adjustable padded armrests. Comes with a lumbar pillow and headrest pillow.
Up to 120 kg
165 to 180 cm
7 days (return to seller)$359
Source: Kanex

Kanex Argus: $189.90

Going on sale right now at an incredible $189.90, the sleek-looking Kanex Argus tops our list for pure value. But it is the chair’s futuristic design that catches our eye, pairing a classic black main scheme with understated colour trimmings and highlighting that looks fantastic in any of the five colours available (yellow, brown, red, grey or white).

Feature wise, the gaming chair allows lockable tilt angle of up to 120 degrees, paired with adjustable seat height and built in lumbar support. Also included is an adjustable neck pillow. As an added bonus, the armrests are flippable upwards — just like the ones on airplanes — so you can recapture the feeling of taking a flight while viewing your favourite travelogues. 

The entire package is finished in classic textured PU leather for durability and easy maintenance. This chair is recommended for users under 100kg. 

Purchase from: Kanex’s website

Source: Tesoro

Tesoro Zone Balance: $259

Fully reclinable up to 180 degrees, the Zone Balance by Tesoro is ideal if you’re looking for a gaming chair you can perform a full-body stretch in without having to get up. The chair’s precisely-machined full-steel frame and study steel base can support up to 120 kg.

Add to that the adjustable seat height, 3D adjustable armrests (up, down, forward, back and sideways), and a full height backrest, all finished in textured PU leather, and you get a chair that provides hours of comfortable sitting whether for marathon gaming or all-nighters when working from home. 

Purchase from: Lazada

Source: Anda Seat

Anda Seat Assassin: $280

For individuals who prefer a firmer seat, the Assassin lineup from Anda Seat may be a good fit. The gaming chair pairs a full-steel frame and tension support bands with 2-layer high density memory foam that moulds itself to your body while providing stable support. 

The high-backed chair adopts a race car seat design, right down to the PVC leather covering, noted for durability, stain and scratch resistance. It also comes with 2D adjustable armrests (up and down), adjustable seat height, and backrest recline of up to 160 degrees. 

And, like its counterparts, the Anda Seat Assassin gaming chair also comes with adjustable lumbar support and neck pillows.

Purchase from: Lazada

Source: Nitro Concepts

Nitro Concepts: $300-$299

Designed in Germany, the $300 gaming chair is built for heavier users, able to carry up to 135 kg. It is also pretty to look at, eschewing some of the more outlandish design elements in some other brands in favour of a classic main+trim colour scheme. 

With an emphasis on customisability, this gaming chair features a fully adjustable rocking backrest, seat height and 3D armrests (up, down, forward, back and sideways). There’re also lumbar support and neck support pillows thrown in for extra comfort.

Unlike the others on the list, this gaming chair comes with a fabric covering, which is great for those who can’t stand the sticky feeling of faux leather on their skin. However, the chair could prove more vulnerable to spills and stains because of this.

Purchase from: Lazada

Source: Vertagear

Vertagear SL 2000: From $378 (after CNY discount)

In a nod to its racing roots, the SL 2000 comes in a simple yet eye-catching 2-tone design scheme; you pick a base colour of black or white, then pair it with vivid tones of blue, green, purple or red. The colour combinations look so good you’ll be hard pressed to decide on just one. 

Besides being easy on the eyes, the SL 2000 is also comfortable to sit in and easy to maintain, thanks to Vertagear’s use of PUC as a covering — a new type of faux leather that combines the durability of PVC and the softness of PU.

This gaming chair is reclinable up to 140 degrees, and has an adjustable tilt and locking system (great for those who have a habit of rocking back and forth in their chairs), 2D adjustable armrests (up, down), and adjustable seat height. It also comes with memory foam lumbar support and neck support pillows. 

Purchase from: Vertagear’s website

Source: Arozzi

Arozzi Mezzo V2: $359

Sitting down doesn’t mean sitting still, not when you’re on your fifth hour of gaming. Thankfully, stealing a quick stretch in between matches is easy to do on the Mezzo V2 gaming chair, which has a full 165-degree recline angle. Twitchy gamers will also appreciate the built-in 12 degree spring-tilt, great for rocking away the jitters while you’re waiting to respawn. 

For extra comfort, Arozzi’s entry also comes with padded armrests that are adjustable up and down with the push of a button, lumbar and headrest pillows, moulded foam filling and adjustable seat height, all finished in soft-touch PU leather for a comfortable feel. 

Strangely, the Arozzi Mezzo V2 is a dead ringer for Vertagear’s SL 2000, with the exception of added colour trims on the seat. 

Purchase from: Lazada

Gaming chairs vs ‘normal’ chairs: What’s the difference?

With their stylish design, high-backed construction and flashy colours, it may seem that one of the main attractions of gaming chairs is their unconventional looks. However, function-wise, they seem to be similar to normal office chairs that we find in the workplace. So, what’s the difference? 

Rooted in the racing industry 

Gaming chairs tend to look like race car seats partly because they share the same back support technology developed by the racing industry. This means including a bucket seat design and full-height reclining backrests. 

While some office chairs also feature a tall backrest, they are typically a result of consumer preference rather than catering to the needs of a profession. This also explains the continued popularity of mid-rise office chairs. 

Made for professional gamers

Gaming chairs are designed for e-sports professionals who typically spend tens of hours a day seated in front of the computer, practising their game over and over again. They are also likely to hold tense poses, such as leaning towards the screen during an intense fight. 

And that’s why gaming chairs include points of articulation and support, not typically found in office chairs. This is to help prevent health and body issues that can arise from holding fixed or stiff positions over a prolonged period.

Meanwhile, while some modern-day office chairs also claim to follow ergonomic principles, reasonably-priced available mass market models would be unlikely to match up to the capabilities of proper gaming chairs. 

Designed for prolonged sitting

With extra padding, ergonomic design features and high-quality materials, gaming chairs are built to provide proper support over long periods of use, enabling the user to continue sitting for long periods without discomfort. This has been demonstrated time and again by top players in the multi-million dollar e-sports industry

In comparison, most (if not all) office workers have experienced feeling restless and getting aches and pains after sitting in an office chair for an hour or so. Clearly, office chairs are not meant to be used for hours on end.  

How to choose the right gaming chair

Match your weight and height 

Because there are a large range of body types and sizes, gaming chair companies usually design their chairs with a specific type of user in mind. Hence, top quality gaming chairs usually have a recommended height and weight, and popular brands have different models for different segments of the population.

It’s a good idea to pick a chair that is close to your weight and height. This can prevent problems like sinking too deep into the cushion, which, in turn, could lead to a pained back. 

Pick the adjustments you need

While most gaming chairs offer standard adjustments across the board — armrest position, seat height, tilt and recline angle, to name a few — higher-end models tend to offer more points of articulation. This can have a significant impact on price.

Hence, when picking a gaming chair, strive to balance between the ergonomics you think you will need, against the price you are willing to pay. After all, do you really need your armrests to swing left and right, or merely that they be adjustable up and down?  

Consider your environment

When choosing a gaming chair, pick one that will be a fit for your environment. For example, if you’ll be using the chair in a warm environment, choosing a model with mesh design or ventilation cutouts may provide greater comfort. 

Same goes for coverings. Non-breatheable faux leather may cause a feeling of stickiness during hot weather. In that case, fabric covers may be a more comfortable choice. Some chair models have larger footprints than others, so be sure to choose one that would not overwhelm a crowded or small room.   

Give it time

Given that they are purpose-built to support sitting, it is somewhat ironic that new users may find gaming chairs difficult or uncomfortable to sit on at first. This is because sitting in a gaming chair with full back support requires a different posture, and your body may need time to adapt. 

Consider that after years of sitting in normal chairs with poor posture, your body probably has developed some muscular imbalances, which will need time to unravel and correct itself.  

4 tips to spend less when buying a gaming chair

Keep track of sales

Just like with computers, mobiles and other digital peripherals, gaming chair manufacturers are continually coming up with new models and limited editions in order to keep their lineup fresh. 

As older models are gradually replaced by newer ones, clearance sales, launch promos and other marketing drives are likely to take place. When they do, it is usually a good time to go hunting for some bargains. 

Additionally, all the major shopping holidays (11.11, Black Friday, Christmas) are also great opportunities for savings on gaming chairs. However, you may have to deal with limited stock or longer-than-usual delivery. 

Look out for bundled promotions

MyRepublic and Singtel both have promotion bundles that include a Secretlab Omega gaming chair worth up to $690. While you’ll be essentially paying for the chair over a 2-year Internet service subscription, this can be a great way to get a top-end gaming chair without dipping into your savings.

Keep an eye on future deals and events featuring digital products and services that carry similar promotions.

Buy from local resellers

Many gaming chairs are sold by overseas brands, and buying directly from their website or Amazon US can result in higher prices and hefty delivery fees. If you see a model you like, try searching for it on Lazada or Shopee. Chances are, you might locate a local reseller who might be able to offer you a slightly better price and/or throw in free delivery (along with installation!). 

Consider buying second hand

If you’re not sure whether a particular gaming chair will be right for you, don’t be afraid to look for a pre-owned piece. Gaming chairs (well, the reputable ones anyway) are engineered to be durable, and as long as all the moving parts are in working order, a second-hand piece should work just as well as a brand new one. Get on Carousel and get negotiating. A second-hand buy can also help you test out a company’s chairs without needing to pay full price for a new piece. 

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