10 Best Affordable Sofa Beds Under S$1,000

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 22 September, 2021

These 10 budget-friendly and comfortable sofa beds can save both space and money in your home or office.

Sofa beds are really quite underrated. Being able to switch from bed to couch and back in seconds is beyond handy, especially when there are unexpected guests. 

As they are essentially two pieces of furniture in one, sofa beds are a great way to save both space and money if you’re struggling with a small bedroom or crowded home

And they’re pretty affordable too, with plenty of good choices to be found for under S$1,000, like these 10 models we found. 

10 low-cost, high-quality sofa beds to save space and money

Sofa bedMaterialsCost
Julia Sofa BedPVC with high-density foam, metal chromed legsS$149 at Hipvan
Laura Sofa BedLinen fabric with high-density foam, solid wood frame and legsS$179 at Hipvan
Hisaki Floor Sofa BedTufted fabric upholstery, soft resin legsS$269 at Bed and Basics
Uno Grey Fabric Storage Sofa Bed100% fabric upholstery, high-density foam, solid wooden legs S$459 at Mega Furniture
Float 1-seater Sofa Bed100% polyester cover (removable) S$499 at Star Living
Orion Boston 3-seater Storage Sofa Bed100% polyester with high-density foam, solid wood frame and legsS$599 at Hipvan
Motti Sofa BedAll-fabric removable covers, high density foam, solid birch wood frame S$629 at Bed and Basics
Elsa Sofa Bed100% nylon covers (removable), silver painted legsS$699 at Star Living
Reagan Orange Sofa Bed100% fabric upholstery, solid wood internal structure, high density foamS$949 at Mega Furniture
Terry Blue Sofa Bed100% fabric upholstery, high-density foam, solid metal legs S$988 at Mega Furniture

Julia Sofa Bed

Materials: PVC with high-density foam, metal chromed legs
Size: Sofa - seats 2 to 3 pax; Bed - W180 x D78 x H76 cm
Capacity: 120kg per seat
Firmness: 4 out of 5
Price: S$149 at Hipvan

A stylish, petite sofa bed that fits into any modern design scheme, the Julia Sofa Bed is created especially for small spaces. 

The faux-leather covering offers a cooling experience whether sitting or lying down, while also being spill-proof and easy to clean. 

Providing stability and support is the high-density foam and metal legs while the backrest offers three looking positions - 15, 45 and 90 degrees - to further improve comfort. 

As a sofa, the Julia seats two adults comfortably (three cosily). However, when transformed into a bed, the width is rather short, measuring under 100cm. Hence, this is probably a better option for daytime naps, or still sleepers only.   

But still at, under S$150, this is a great, budget-friendly option no matter which way you cut it. 

Laura Sofa Bed

Materials: Linen fabric with high-density foam, solid wood frame and legs
Size: Sofa - seats 2 to 3 pax; Bed - W177 x D108 x H33 cm
Capacity: 120kg per seat
Firmness: 3 out of 5
Price: S$179 at Hipvan 

Add a splash of colour to your home with this two-seater sofa bed, available in vibrant tones of  custard or sea green.

Sized to seat up to three adults, the Laura Sofa Bed makes for a great centerpiece for your living room, thanks to its symmetrical, vintage-inspired looks. Alternatively, its soft fabric feel and bright colours also make it an ideal choice for the children’s room. 

Made with high density foam, the Laura offers medium-firm support for everyday sitting. The fold-down backrest can be set at three different angles (15, 45 and 90 degrees), adapting to your different needs and moods. 

Fold down completely to transform into a bed for the night, or when playtime is over and naptime beckons. 

Hisaki Floor Sofa Bed

Materials: Tufted fabric upholstery, soft resin legs
Size: Sofa - seats 1 to 2 pax; Bed - L192 x W103 x H67 cm
Firmness: 7 out of 10
Included: 2 throw pillows
Price: S$269 at Bed and Basics

An armchair that can pull double duty as a daybed or lounger, the Hisaki Floor Sofa Bed is an example of Japanese mastery over small places. 

It fits perfectly into tiny rooms or small homes, acting as an oversized armchair for one (or two petite adults). Just as easily, the Hisaki also expands into an amply sized floor bed perfect for one. As an added bonus, the detachable backrest can also serve as extra seating in a pinch.

Have a catnap, or snooze the night away - the sturdy firmness and soft fabric cover will help ensure a pleasant rest either way.

Uno Grey Fabric Storage Sofa Bed

Materials: 100% fabric upholstery, high-density foam, solid wooden legs
Size: Sofa - seats 1 to 2 pax; Bed - L194 x W66cm x H 44 cm
Included: 1 x Large pillow
Price: S$459 at Mega Furniture

Another affordable and stylish option for a day lounger is the Uno Grey Fabric Storage Sofa Bed. 

This cleverly designed piece of furniture eschews the traditional fold-down backrest design scheme. Instead, it’s the armrest that is adjustable - when folded down, it lengthens the sofa just enough to accommodate an average-size adult sleeper. 

Offering extra utility is the under-the-cushion storage space, which can comfortably hold the included oversized pillow, plus other assorted bedding items or sleep aids.

Incorporating slate grey fabric upholstery and all-wooden legs into its eye-catching design, the Uno makes for an attractive, multi-use addition to any home or small office

Float 1-Seater Sofa Bed

Materials: 100% polyester cover (removable)
Size: Sofa - seats 1 pax; Bed - L193 x W80 x H14 cm
Included: 1 backrest (detachable)
Price: S$499 at Star Living

Following a futon style design, the Float one-seater sofa bed can be easily deployed anywhere around the house. Trot it out when you need a spare seat, or flip it open for a daybed to catch a quick nap or for impromptu stayovers.

It also comes with a detachable backrest cushion that doubles up as an oversized pillow. The backrest also offers five lockable positions, allowing you to create your ideal personal TV lounger.

Comes with a polyester cover that provides a long-wearing yet comfortable feel. The cover is also detachable for easier maintenance. 

Orion Boston 3-Seater Storage Sofa Bed

Materials: 100% polyester with high-density foam, solid wood frame and legs
Size: Sofa - seats 3 pax; Bed - W214 x D110 x H44 cm
Capacity: 120kg per seat
Firmness: 4 out of 5
Included: 2 throw pillows, storage space (W172 x D75 x H18 cm)
Price: S$599 at Hipvan 

The Orion Boston three-seater storage sofa bed, which like its name suggests, combines sitting, sleeping and storage into one handsome and practical piece of furniture. 

Upholstered in 100% polyester with high-density foam, and with a solid wood frame and legs, this triple seater offers plenty of space to lounge around. 

Come bedtime, simply lower the backrest to turn it into a sturdy bed that’s just nice for one adult, or two young children. 

What’s more, the included storage space under the cushions is ideal for storing pillows and blankets. Or when you need a quick and convenient hiding space for Junior’s toys before the guests arrive. 

Motti Sofa Bed

Materials: All-fabric removable covers, high density foam, solid birch wood frame
Size: Sofa - seats 2 to 3 pax; Bed - L185 x W140 x H42 cm
Firmness: 7 out of 10
Included: 2 pillow cushions
Price: S$629 at Bed and Basics

Featuring an easy one-pull move to go from sofa to bed, the Motti Sofa Bed will help you get your beauty rest in no time flat. 

The sofa bed is also broad enough to comfortably fit two adult sleepers - its 140cm span is just shy of that of a queen-size mattress.

Its ease of operation is complemented by a no-frills design and textured all-fabric upholstery for a luxurious touch, whereas its solid birch wood frame lends strength and longevity. 

With removable covers for easy cleaning and maintenance, the Motti is an easy choice whether for homes or offices. 

Elsa Sofa Bed

Materials: 100% nylon covers (removable), silver painted legs
Size: Sofa - seats 2 to 3 pax; Bed - L220 x W160 x H29 cm
Included: 2 large pillows
Price: S$699 at Star Living

Offering generous seating and easy maintenance, the Elsa is ideal if you and your partner prefer to have more space in the bedroom. 

The tri-fold construction of this sofa bed allows it to convert into a full-sized bed that sleeps two comfortably, while 100% nylon covering comforts with a sheer and cool feel. When folded up, it provides ample and comfortable seating all day long. 

Stains are also easily managed, as the covers are removable. This also allows you to switch out the covers to refresh your sofa bed, instead of replacing the set entirely. 

Dry cleaning is recommended to preserve the quality of your sofa bed. 

Reagan Orange Sofa Bed

Materials: 100% fabric upholstery, solid wood internal structure, high density foam
Size: Sofa - seats 2 pax; Bed - L190 x W120cm x H40 cm
Firmness: Hard
Price: S$949 at Mega Furniture

This charming country-style sofa bed easily extends to become a cosy bed for two adults with one easy motion - all you have to do is to lift and pull the base layer out. 

In this configuration, the armrests and backrest form a U-shaped headboard that helps to shield the head area, fostering a degree of peace and privacy. 

Furtive sleepers who toss and turn in their sleep need not fret - the solid wood internal structure and hard-rated cushions provide stability and support throughout the night. 

The fabric upholstery is not removable, so be sure to have a spot treatment spray handy in case of spills or stains.     

Terry Blue Sofa Bed

Materials: 100% fabric upholstery, high-density foam, solid metal legs
Size: Sofa - seats 3 pax; Bed - L190 x W190 x H43 cm
Included: 1 x Chaise (148 cm)
Price: S$988 at Mega Furniture

If you’re looking for a sofa bed that is larger than normal, the Terry Blue Sofa Bed should fit your needs nicely.

The country-style fabric upholstered sofa bed effortlessly transforms from a comfortable three-seater to a bed that can accommodate up to three adult sleepers. 

This is thanks to its ingenious design, which incorporates a side chaise and a foldable backrest for extra sleeping space. For two sleepers, simply fold up the backrest for a more cosy rest.

The chaise can be tucked away neatly underneath the sofa to save some space. Likewise, the lower layer can also be pulled out to create extra seating for the whole family, or a padded resting place for your fur-kid to lounge at your feet. 

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