Citibank SMRT – June 2017

Citibank SMRT Card Citi SMRT
Receive 🎁 $100 Starbucks Gift Card
OR ❤ $100 Cathay Cinema Voucher

To participate in the promotion, Kindly Fill in the Form Below.
Please note that the gift is only available to New Citibank Customers (New-to-Cards Customer)*

*For the purposes of this Promotion, a New-to-Cards Customer is an individual who
(i) does not have an existing Citibank Credit Card account* at the time his/her application for any Eligible Citibank Product under this Promotion is approved; and
(ii) did not previously have a Citibank Credit Card account that was terminated/closed (whether by the individual or by Citibank) in the last twelve (12) months immediately prior to the commencement of the Application Period; and
(iii) is not a United States (“U.S.”) Citizen, U.S. Resident, or U.S. Green Card holder. A person is a “U.S. Resident” if he is present in the U.S. for more than 31 days in the current calendar year, and for an average of at least 183 days over the current calendar year and the preceding calendar years.

  • Get additional $120 Cash Back when you spend $200 per month for 6 consecutive months.
  • Enjoy up to 5% savings on groceries at major supermarkets, fast food, movies, coffee and online shopping
  • Annual Cap of SMRT$600. If monthly spend less than $300, SMRT$ earn rate will be 0.3% less.
  • Main card applicants must be at least 21 years of age
  • Minimum annual income of S$30,000 for Singaporeans/Permanent Residents
  • Minimum annual income of S$42,000 for Foreigners
  • Annual Card Fee of S$192.60 (inclusive of GST)