How to Throw a Halloween Party in Singapore for Under S$100

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How to Throw a Halloween Party for Under S$100

Are you panicking because you have no Halloween plans yet? Here’s how you can throw a Halloween party in Singapore for under S$100.

Halloween is just around the corner. Well, it’s this weekend. And if you aren’t going to Halloween Horror Nights or you’ve let time pass by without organising a party, we wouldn’t blame you if you’re spooked out of your wits.

Party planning isn’t as simple as inviting a bunch of people to your house and expecting them to have a blast. If that were the case, we’d be throwing parties every weekend. And Halloween parties are all about spine-chilling, hair-raising and petrifying themes.

If you haven’t gotten down to planning a Halloween party, we’ll show you how you can throw one for under S$100.


By now, most event venues would be booked. Unless the other residents in your condominium aren’t very big on parties or barbeques, you wouldn’t be able to get a pit or function room to throw a party either. The only available space (if your flatmates are agreeable or if you live by yourself) would be your house.

But that’s also the perfect spot. No extra costs and you have complete control over the decorations. What’s a Halloween party without decorations?

Costs: S$0


Bring on the skeletons and pumpkins! But there’s no need to run to the store to buy any decorations. Instead, you can use what you have at home to get a little DIY decor going.

You can turn plastic gloves into severed hands and place them around your house–maybe even throw one into the chip bowl for that extra spooky surprise. If you have some felt or black trash bags, cut out shapes of bats and spiders and stick them up all over the walls of your living room.

Keep the room dark. Use candles as your only light source around the room to give it a sort of wiccan feel. Always keep your candles in candle-holders or carved pumpkins to avoid accidents from happening. You want a haunted Halloween feel, not a burnt down house.

For more DIY Halloween decor, you can find inspiration from Pinterest.

Costs: Under S$10 (if you have to buy craft material)

Food & Drinks

To keep it simple, throw a Halloween potluck and invite everyone to bring Halloween-themed food and drinks.

You don’t have to go above and beyond to get food that would creep everyone out. Bloody Mary’s in syringes would be a great start. You can use tomato juice for a non-alcoholic variety.

You can also cut hot dogs up two-thirds of the way into 8 sections and boil them so the ends would curl until it looks like the tentacles of an octopus. Stick some cloves on the “head” and ta-da, you’ve got yourself a whole bunch of octopi.

The possibilities are limitless–have fun and get creative with how you want to prepare the food and drinks. Get your groceries and drinks from a cheaper supermarket like ShengSiong, or use a cashback credit card like the UOB One Card to qualify for more savings. Online supermarkets like Redmart offer savings up to 12% when you use partner credit cards.

Costs: Under S$50


Every good party has an ice-breaker, especially if you have groups of friends who aren’t familiar with each other.

You can start with something easy, like Halloween Charades, where every answer is Halloween-related. Write up some examples on index cards to give everyone an idea of how the game should take place.

Take the game Truth-or-Dare and give it a Halloween twist by making it Trick-or-Treat. If a person picks “trick”, give them a dare. If they pick “treat”, ask them a question which requires them to give you the truth.

Or you can play Murder Mystery, where one of your guests ends up getting “murdered”. Not a true “murder” of course; you don’t want the night to end up horrifyingly with the police knocking on your door. An assigned “murderer” chooses a victim to “murder”, and plants clues around the house that would help the other party-goers to identify who the killer is.

If you need music (and you should), fire up a Halloween playlist on Spotify and get the party started.

Costs: S$0

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