Which DBS/POSB Credit Card Should You Add To Your Wallet?

Loyal DBS/POSB Customers: Which Credit Card Should You Add To Your Wallet?

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The largest bank in Singapore, DBS was named the ‘World’s Best Bank’ in 2019. If you’re a loyal DBS/POSB customer and have no plans to switch banks, here are the credit cards worth your salt. 

As the economy grapples with the plunge in consumer spending, businesses have been hit hard. Some companies have shuttered, while others have retrenched their staff, cut pay or made it compulsory to take no-pay leave. Despite the pandemic, DBS has committed to hiring more than 2,000 people in Singapore this year—some positive news amidst the uncertainty in job security due to COVID-19. Here’s a look at the credit cards they have to offer:

Welcome Gift: Enjoy S$300 cashback when you key in the promo code OCTFLASH upon application. A minimum spend of S$300 must be made within 60 days of card approval. Valid till 18 Oct 2021. T&Cs apply.

If you’re not a new DBS/POSB credit cardmember, consider these promotions instead.

Why use a DBS/POSB credit card? 

Regardless of which DBS/POSB credit card to choose, there are perks you can enjoy as a DBS/POSB credit card holder. 

  • Enjoy promotions and deals on DBS PayLah! app: More than just a digital wallet, check out special promotions and deals available on the DBS PayLah! app. 
  • Earn higher interest rates on your DBS Multiplier account: If you have a DBS Multiplier account, or if you have plans to open one, you can earn up to 3% p.a. on your savings. The interest you earn would depend on the number categories you transact in.
  • Rewards that range from movie tickets to cash vouchers: If you earn DBS Points instead of cashback, you can exchange DBS Points for a variety of rewards. 
  • Keep track of your expenses by category: With the DBS NAV Planner, you get a breakdown of your finances, including your emergency savings, investments and how much you are spending each month on your credit card based on categories such as dining, transportation, shopping etc.

Miles credit cards

When choosing a miles credit card for DBS, the biggest differentiating factor is how you intend to spend on the credit card. Will you be spending more on online purchases, or do you have plans to spend it on travel in the future? 

Here’s a look at three miles credit cards DBS has to offer.  

DBS AltitudeDBS Woman’s World CardDBS Woman’s Card

Apply Now

Apply Now

Apply Now
Reasons to get this card – 1.2 mpd on local spend (including bus/train rides)
– 2 mpd on overseas spend (in foreign currency)
– 3 mpd on online flights and hotel transactions
– 2 free lounge visits within each 12-month period of your membership
– 4 mpd for online purchases
– 1.2 mpd for overseas purchases
– 0.4 mpd for other purchases
– E-commerce protection for your online purchases

Note: 4 mpd earn rate is capped at S$2,000 each statement month
– 2 mpd for online purchases 
– 0.4 mpd for other purchases
– E-commerce protection for your online purchases

Note: 2 mpd earn rate is capped at S$1,000 each statement month
What this card is good for– Travel
– Public transport (SimplyGo)
– All spend
Online purchases Online purchases 
Minimum annual income requiredS$30,000 ($45,000 for foreigners)S$80,000 (S$80,000 for foreigners)S$30,000 (S$45,000 for foreigners)
Annual feeS$192.60 (1st year waived)S$192.60 (1st year waived)S$192.60 (1st year waived)

If you can’t decide between the cards, you can always apply for more than one credit card. Whip out the DBS Woman’s World Card when making an online purchase and use the DBS Altitude for all other spend.  

If you have trouble meeting the minimum annual income required for DBS Woman’s World Card, you can consider other cards such as the Citi Rewards card or the OCBC Titanium that both give 4 mpd for online purchases as well. 

Cashback credit cards

In an uncertain time brought about by COVID-19, travel as we know it might change in the future. Having a cashback card in your wallet could be preferable. With a cashback card, you get a percentage of cash rebates into your credit card when you spend. These cash rebates can be used to offset your next purchase. 

Here are the three cashback credit cards DBS/POSB has that are both offering higher cashback rates for online spend. 

DBS Live Fresh POSB Everyday SAFRA DBS

Apply Now

Apply Now

Apply Now
Not eligible for SingSaver promotion
Reasons to get this card– Up to 5% cashback on your online spend
– Up to 5% cashback on Visa contactless spend (including SimplyGo rides)
– Extra 5% cashback on select eco-eateries, retailers and transport services
– 0.3% cashback for all other spend

Note: Min. monthly spend of S$600 required
– 10% cash rebates on online food delivery from Foodpanda, Deliveroo and WhyQ exclusively
– 8% cash rebates on select onling shopping spend
– 3% cash rebates on all other dining spend
– 5% cashback at Sheng Siong
– 3% cash rebates for Watsons in-store and online transactions
– Up to 3% cash rebate on recurring electricity and telco bills
– Up to 20.1% fuel savings at SPC
– 3% cashback on local MasterCard contactless transactions (including bus/train rides)
– 3% cashback on online transactions
– 0.3% cashback on all other retail transactions
– Every dollar spent at participating outlets and facilities at SAFRA earns you 1 SAFRAPOINT which can be redeemed for rewards
– Exclusive access to 6 SAFRA Clubhouses islandwide and benefits at over 1,800 merchant outlets across SAFRA and DBS networks

Note: Min. monthly spend of S$500 required
What this card is good for– Online purchases 
– Visa contactless spend
– Public transport (SimplyGo)
– Online food delivery
– Groceries
– Petrol
– Electricity bills
– Mastercard contactless
– Online purchases
– Public transport (SimplyGo)
Minimum annual income requiredS$30,000 (S$45,000 for foreigners)S$30,000 (S$45,000 for foreigners)$30,000
Annual feeS$192.60 (1st year waived)S$192.60 (1st year waived)No annual fee, so long as you remain a SAFRA member. SAFRA membership fee applies. 

Working from home has caused many a lifestyle change, chief among them being the switch from physical shopping to online. Both cards offer high cashback rates for your online spending. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, contactless payments have also been strongly encouraged. 

With DBS Live Fresh, you can now get an additional 5% cashback on select eco-friendly merchants — a newly added perk to encourage cardmembers to go green.

SAFRA members can choose to add the SAFRA DBS card to your wallet to enjoy 3% cashback. If you own a car, the POSB Everyday card can help you to save up to 20.1% of your petrol spend when you pump at SPC. You can also use it to pay for your utility bills and get 1% rebate. 

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