There’s A Citi Credit Card For You At Every Life Stage

Denise Bay

Denise Bay

Last updated 19 April, 2023

Citi Credit Cards lead the way in enabling your lifestyle choices, no matter which life stage you’re at. The right Citi Credit Card lets you get ahead while stretching every dollar.

Imagine finding a credit card that empowers your lifestyle choices regardless of which stage in life you are at. Imagine this being an easy decision. 

As you journey through life and reach new milestones, your needs and wants tend to change. It comes as no surprise that the right credit card pick for each life stage can complement your lifestyle and your wallet. This is where Citi Credit Cards come into the picture.

Read on to find out which Citi Credit Card is your best bet to get ahead in life. 


DBS/POSB Credit Card Welcome Gift: Receive up to S$388 cashback or 85,000 miles when you apply for select DBS credit cards and fulfil the relevant promotion criteria. T&Cs apply.


Citi Cash Back+ Card: Unlimited cash back ideal for first-jobbers, credit card newbies and couples



An easy-to-use credit card, Citi Cash Back+ Card# offers a flat 1.6%# cash back on your eligible purchases. There’s no minimum spend and (even better) no limit to how much expiry-free cash back you can earn on this Citi Credit Card, right from the moment your new/replacement/supplementary Citi Credit Card is activated. Simply activate a digital version of your Citi Credit Card on the Citi Mobile® App to start accruing cash back from Day 1. 

It is the leading credit card of choice for first-jobbers with growing purchasing power and credit card beginners who want something fuss-free yet value-driven. You can count on the Citi Cash Back+ Card to earn1.6%# cash back no matter how much you spend.  

If you’re a young couple, planning for marriage or making your new abode livable, you can look to benefit greatly from using Citi Cash Back+ Card to pay for big-ticket purchases such as wedding bands, wedding venue rentals, photography and videography services, pre-wedding shoot packages, household appliances, furniture and more. 

As a credit card that boasts unlimited cash back, it qualifies as a top choice for big lump-sum payments. Bonus perk?  Citi Cash Back+ Card members can easily redeem their cash back via SMS anytime, anywhere under the Citi Pay with Points programme. 

If you prefer to pay off big-ticket purchases in more manageable, bite-sized amounts, Citi PayLite might just be the answer you’re looking for. It lets you turn big purchases into affordable instalments with low processing fees. You can convert your purchases with just a few taps on the Citi Mobile® App.


Citi Cash Back Card: Fabulous 8% cashback for families



A fine choice for groceries, petrol and dining, Citi Cash Back Card^ lets you bag up to a generous leading 8%^ cash back on private commute and fuel (up to 20.88% savings on Shell and Esso) and up to 6% cash back on dining and groceries. Other eligible purchases will earn 0.20%^ cash back. 

It’s also ideal for new families with young kids. Having little ones around means needing your own transportation tool to ferry your kids, spouse and parents, on top of buying groceries, and spending on meals regularly. 

If you belong to this demographic, the Citi Cash Back Card could help make each dollar count as you spend on daily necessities. 

Another unmissable perk of using a Citi Credit Card? You can level up your rewards by tapping on Citi PayAll to earn extra cash back on your bills and recurring payments such as rent, school fees, taxes, insurance payments and more. Learn more about Citi PayAll here and the applicable fees. 

Citi Rewards Card: 10X rewards for millennials and working professionals



A rewarding credit card that lets you fast-track the process of growing your pot of flexible Citi ThankYou Points, Citi Rewards Card makes for a great choice to both millennials and working professionals alike. 

Majority of millennials and working professionals in their mid-20s to mid-30s with spending power have a penchant for online shopping — exactly what the Citi Rewards Card is designed for. This experiential crowd that isn’t afraid to spend on online shopping, gourmet dining and more would do great to buddy up with the Citi Rewards Card. 

The Citi Rewards Card+ lets you earn 10X+ rewards (4 miles per dollar) on online and shopping purchases on the first S$1,000 spent per statement month, no minimum spend required. All other retail spend will earn 1X+ reward. 

The beauty of this Citi Credit Card is the fact that online shopping encompasses every purchase you make over the internet, including Grab, Gojek, Ryde rides, groceries and food deliveries. The only exceptions to note are mobile wallet and travel-related transactions, which aren’t eligible for 10X+ rewards. 

Apart from having the flexibility to convert your Citi ThankYou Points to frequent flyer miles, you can redeem amazing rewards such as Apple products, hotel stays, dining vouchers, gift vouchers, household items and more! Citi Rewards Cardmembers can also instantly offset purchases via Citi Pay with Points, with just a few taps on the intuitive Citi Mobile® App. 

That’s not all. Citi Credit Cardmembers can access a whole array of lifestyle and dining privileges locally and globally under the Citi World Privileges programme at no extra cost.


Citi Prestige Card: Exclusive metal card with unparalleled privileges and experiences for those who have achieved

For those who have accomplished a level of success and wish to savour the finer things in life, the Citi Prestige Card is the metal card befitting to the lifestyle of the affluent. This rewards credit card is packed to the brim with fantastic lifestyle and travel perks that would put regular cards to shame.

To name a few, Citi Prestige Card members can enjoy perks% like unlimited complimentary 4th night free hotel or resort stay globally, unlimited airport lounge access worldwide, complimentary golf games, access to global Citi Prestige Concierge, annual renewal bonus of 25,000 miles and more. Of course, every dollar spent locally and abroad will earn expiry-free Citi ThankYou points — 3.25 ThankYou Points and 5 ThankYou Points respectively.  

With the Citi Prestige Card, get ahead and enjoy the highest level of service, upgrade your travels, access unforgettable experiences and be rewarded every step of the way. 


Citi Credit Cards lead the way in value-adding to your life

Citi Credit Cards and the Citi Mobile® App offer users unparalleled convenience. The easy-to-use, intuitive app lets you view your rewards and transaction history easily at glance. Apart from applying for services like Citi PayAll and Citi PayLite, you can also instantly offset your purchases using your accumulated Citi ThankYouPoints/Citi Miles via Citi Pay with Points. Of course, the wide range of Citi World Privileges offers is just a few taps away on the app.

While you’re at it, don’t miss out on Citi’s generous member-get-member referral programme that lets you earn S$120** for each successful referral and up to S$1,200 bonus cash** when you refer your friends and family who don’t already have a Citi Credit Card.


DBS/POSB Credit Card Welcome Gift: Receive up to S$388 cashback or 85,000 miles when you apply for select DBS credit cards and fulfil the relevant promotion criteria. T&Cs apply.


This article is written in partnership with Citi.

Terms & Conditions

^Citi Cash Back Card
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#Citi Cash Back+ Card
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+Citi Rewards Card
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%Citi Prestige Card
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*Member-Get-Member promotion. Referrer has to be an existing cardmember. Terms and Conditions apply.

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