giga! Promo Codes Singapore July 2021

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 08 July, 2021

Get extra 20GB data on your first month giga! subscription when you sign up by 13 July 2021. 

Singapore’s mobile subscription penetration rate stood just shy of 150% in 2020, so it’s no wonder that the sector is among the most vibrant and highly competitive ones on the market. 

giga! is a relatively new entrant to the mobile services scene. It focuses on offering SIM-only, contract-free mobile plans using StarHub’s 4G network, which clocked the fastest mobile data speed in 2020, according to official sources

Although giga! doesn’t offer the most affordable mobile data in terms of cost/GB (that title goes to TPG mobile), it nevertheless provides some pretty competitively priced options aimed at a range of users. Of note is its generous allocation of talktime and SMSes (although data-purists may find this less attractive).

If you’re thinking of signing up for a giga! plan, be sure to make use of these promotions to get some nifty savings. 

giga! Promotions to enjoy (7 to 13 July)

Applicable plansWhat’s in the plan
Get 20GB free for first month

50GB for S$18 Pop-up plan- 50GB mobile data (70GB during first month)- 500 mins talktime- 500 SMSes

40GB for S$20- 40GB mobile data (60GB during first month)- 500 mins talktime- 500 SMSes

60GB for S$25- 60GB mobile data (80GB during first month)- 2,000 mins talktime- 2,000 SMSes

100GB for S$45- 100GB mobile data (120GB during first month)- 10,000 mins talktime- 10,000 SMSes
Standard add-onsAll plansFree data rollover (maximum 2 times)Free incoming callsFree caller ID

Free 20GB data during your first month 

From now till 13 July 2021, sign up for selected giga! plans online to get an extra 20GB mobile data during your first month. 

From the second month onwards, your data cap drops back to the regular allowances - see the table above.

Do note that this promo is not applicable to the 6GB-for-S$10 plan.  

Pop-up plan: 50GB for S$18

We’d also like to give a special highlight to the S$18 Pop-up plan for the outstanding value it provides.

If you’ve been paying attention to giga!, this is a special plan that’s not offered on a regular basis. 

With 50GB mobile data, 500 mins talktime and 500 SMSes at just S$18, this plan gives most average users the most mileage for money, hands down. It certainly is a much better buy than the regular S$20 plan, which comes with less data. 

The possible exception is if you are a super heavy user of mobile data. In that case, the 60GB or 100GB plan might be a better choice. 

This is because while giga! doesn’t have over-usage charges, your services will be temporarily suspended once they’ve reached their monthly limits. You will then have to purchase add-on packs to continue using your mobile services.

We imagine this could be quite inconvenient, being dropped halfway from streaming your favourite Netflix and not being able to continue until you pay more money. 

One way to avoid this is to pay for a plan with a higher data cap. You can always roll over any unused data, although you can only do so up to a maximum of two times. 

Other ways to get more value with giga!

If you’re a fan of giga! and don’t mind recommending the service to your friends, you can make use of the giga! referral programme to earn rewards.

Each successful referral will earn you gigaBucks, which is a form of credit that you can use to offset your bill or purchase mobile add-ons like roaming and more. 

You’ll receive S$2 gigaBucks for your first referral, then S$4 gigaBucks each for your second to tenth referral.

The referral programme is applicable to the following plans:

  • S$10 for 6GB plan 
  • S$18 for 50GB Pop-up plan
  • S$25 for 60GB plan
  • S$45 for 100GB plan

Do note that your referral will need to activate their giga! line before your referral will be considered successful. 

Ready to take the plunge with giga? Charge your phone bill to the right rewards or cashback credit card to maximise your savings.

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