Top Netflix Shows to Level Up Your Crypto Game

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

Last updated 26 February, 2022

Stuck in infinite browsing mode? Here’s a list of crypto-related films, documentaries and series to get you started.

As of November 2021, Netflix had at least 214 million paid subscriptions. The milestone shows the indomitable force with which streaming services will shape what people watch in the next decade. Among the most-watched content on the Netflix platform is crypto shows.

Today, more crypto enthusiasts find great value in following various shows and documentaries on Netflix that feature insights, tips and guides on maneuvering the crypto ecosystem. If you own a Netflix account, there's indeed a lot you can watch and enjoy. But how about watching content that can help you make money as you navigate the harsh economic times?

Netflix offers some of the best crypto-related movies and documentaries for beginners and seasoned traders. Here, we review some of the top-rated crypto movies, series and documentaries on Netflix you shouldn’t miss.

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1. Banking on Bitcoin

Banking on Bitcoin is perhaps among the best options for first-timers in the crypto ecosystem. The documentary features the history of money and Bitcoin's role in this context. It's such an exciting journey of learning as you explore how Bitcoin became a household option and its perceived future potential to disrupt the future of finances.

Here, you also discover the various challenges Bitcoin currently faces in its path towards global financial market dominance. One thing is for sure that this documentary stands out as one of the most educational materials one can find on Netflix.

The 1.5 hour-long documentary covers some of the fundamentals of Bitcoin as a decentralised currency, including the regulatory framework around the money. The film directed by Christopher Cannucciari was first released in 2016 and has become a favourite for most beginners. The documentary covers interviews with enthusiasts and experts regarding Bitcoin.

If you are a beginner in crypto, this would be a great place to start.

2. Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot addresses one of the most salient concerns in the crypto space right now: cyber security. The four-season crime-, thriller- and drama-based films are split into 49-minute videos that follow a TV series approach. Above all else, it offers an exciting view of the crypto landscape and the security issues around this ecosystem.

In the film, Elliot is presented as a young cyber security engineer with a known hacking background. In a dramatic twist to the film, Elliot partners with a team of shadowy accomplices and together, they attempt to take down the corrupt corporation within which he works. The film covers critical themes in the cryptocurrency space such as surveillance, hacking and cybercrime.

In essence, the film may stand out more to the more experienced traders in the crypto space, understanding the security landscape within which traders engage. The movie became available in Singapore in August 2021 and will appeal to any crypto enthusiast with a keen focus on the security issues in the sector.

3. Explained: Cryptocurrency

Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts would want a film that's short and precise. Well, Netflix offers this in the form of the popular documentary, Explained. The series looks at the current cryptocurrency and blockchains landscape in a pretty concise way.

You’ll learn about the process of Bitcoin creation, how to ensure the best maintenance approach for Bitcoin and the dynamics around blockchain technology. The film is a 15-minute mini coverage that allows beginners to get first-hand insights into the crypto world.

The 2018 Explained episode by Christian Slater delves into the nitty-gritty of crypto and the chance that crypto may become the next revolution. The Netflix documentary may be suitable for both beginners and more seasoned traders. 

4. Bitcoin: The End of Money as we Know It

If you are curious to learn everything about Bitcoin and the journey of evolution, this is the documentary for you. The informative and richly researched film covers the economic, political, and cultural history of money and the development of Bitcoin. The documentary further explains the place of Bitcoin and the current backlash with the global central and commercial banks.

The hour-long documentary is split into two halves. In the two-part series, traders can learn the history of money and the evolutionary prospects of digital money. With an understanding of the philosophical ideology about money, beginners can better understand Bitcoin and the crypto landscape.

This is a concise and informative crash programme for anyone who wants to understand this emerging concept. The film produced by Torsten Hoffman and Michael Watchulonis is available on Netflix in Singapore.

5. StartUp

The startup features an attempt to launder some ill-gotten money in a plot to finance cryptocurrency. The main characters are entrepreneurs who end up in business with known corrupt government (FBI) agents and another notorious Miami gang. The show attempts to crack the dark underbelly of the crypto world with a slow-burn drama that unveils the crypto world’s not-so-rosy side, more so when corrupt individuals take centre stage.

The film features off-shore deals gone sour, the reality of greed and deception, and ins and outs of crypto-investing. The series, which stars Adam Brody, offers three seasons of drama and tension. Both beginners and experienced traders will undoubtedly find immense value in the topics and issues covered in the series.

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