8 Best Tech Gifts In Singapore For All Budgets – Gift Ideas For The Gadget Lovers In Your Life

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 15 December, 2021

Tech gifts help make mundane objects or tasks better and more enjoyable, which is why they are the ideal Christmas presents. Here are our recommendations for eight best tech gifts, starting from S$50.

Consumer technology is probably the most exciting thing about the tech renaissance, which seems to be accelerating every time we look. 

What we love is how companies and inventors pump out amazing things that we never even knew we wanted, such as the iPhone, or a self-heating coffee mug, or a paper notebook that automatically digitises your scribblings!

This Christmas, give the gift of technology, and help your loved ones forever change the way they do things.

Here’s our list of eight awesome, cutting-edge tech gifts that would make unforgettable presents for the important people in your life. And if you see something you like, don’t forget to treat yourself too.

8 tech gift ideas from S$50 to S$500

Yubikey Security KeyFrom S$51 at vaultumllc.com
Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face TrackingS$103 at amazon.sg
Lexon Oblio Wireless Charger and UV Sanitiser S$115 at amazon.sg
Ember Mug 2From S$178 at williams-sonoma.com
G-squad Vital Bright Fitness Tracking Watch From S$189 at gshock.casio.com
Moleskine Ellipse Smart Writing SetS$280 at amazon.sg
Huawei Freebuds LipstickS$298 at shopee.sg
Nintendo Switch OLED From S$510 at Lazada

Yubikey Security Key  

From: S$51 at vaultumllc.com

Cyber attacks and online scams show no signs of abating, and protecting yourself is more important than ever. 

The point of attack is often the devices we use everyday, our mobiles, laptops and tablets, so securing them against intrusion is key.

One easy, secure and convenient way to do this is with a Yubikey Security Key, which is an offline device that provides an added layer of authorisation in the vein of second-factor authentication (2FA). 

The difference is, because the Yubikey never stores any data, and is not connected to the Internet, it cannot be hacked or compromised like how, say, SMS 2FA can

Therefore, it is a superior alternative for safeguarding against fraudulent transactions, identity theft and other online menaces.

It’s easy to use too, just plug it into your devices, or tap it on your phone to grant the necessary permissions.

Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking

Price: S$103 at amazon.sg

Does anyone on your list do a lot of video-calling or live-streaming? Well, this is the perfect gift for them. 

The Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking acts as a tireless extra ‘hand’ to hold up your mobile phone for as long as you need. Designed with automated face-tracking, it swivels a full 360 degrees such that your mobile’s screen is always facing you.

This means that you’ll be free to continue with household chores or other tasks as you video chat, without going off camera and missing the action. 

For live-streamers, using this gadget unshackles you from having to stay in one position, allowing you to move freely around for a less static presentation. 

It even works great for home workouts where you follow an online class or exercise video, tilting between -15 to 30 degrees to ensure you can easily view the screen at all times.

Lexon Oblio Wireless Charger and UV Sanitiser

Price: S$115 at amazon.sg

And now, for a tech gift that is not only thoughtful, it could literally save lives. 

The Lexon Oblio lets you wirelessly charge your mobile phone while sanitising it to kill all those nasty germs that inevitably get on it. 

It’s such a genius concept. Just place your mobile phone inside the cup-shaped gadget, turn it on, and let the Oblio do its thing. 

Through a combination of UV light and ionising technology, 99.9% of microbes are eliminated, providing you with a more hygienic experience with your mobile phone. 

The Oblio uses the popular Qi Wireless technology for charging, so it should work with any of the latest mobile models. 

Ember Mug 2

Price: From S$178 at williams-sonoma.com

Are you still reheating your cup of coffee in the microwave in 2021? 

Well, we only ask because the Ember Mug 2 is a battery-operated, self-heating coffee mug that automatically keeps your beverage at the ideal sipping temperature for up to 90 minutes. 

You can use it with the default temperature setting, or pair the mug with your mobile phone (things we never thought we’d type!) to choose your preferred temperature between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius. Talk about fancy. 

Wish to savour your drink for longer? Just keep the mug on the accompanying charging stand for all-day heating. The in-built LED indicator will let you know when your drink is at the ideal temperature, while the auto sleep feature senses when to turn heating on or off.

With all these features, you can expect Ember Mug 2 to work like a charm. But more than that, it also looks gorgeous, with a tasteful burnished metal design and choice of four pleasing colours.

Make it the ultimate gift – personalise with a monogram or name (at an additional S$17.10 each).

G-squad Vital Bright Fitness Tracking Watch

Price: From S$189 at gshock.casio.com

Fitness wearables are useful for tracking your health and activity levels, but do they all have to look so boring and dowdy? (Yes, iWatch included – *yawn*)

For a fitness tracker that’s functional, stylish and built to last, check out Casio’s G-squad lineup. The series combines the G-shock brand’s distinctive styling and tough construction with fitness features like step tracking, distance and speed measurement and Bluetooth connectivity.

The result is a sports-oriented timepiece updated for the smartphone generation, a cool-looking gadget that fitness fanatics will actually want to wear. 

Besides, the famed all-conditions construction means your G-squad will comfortably shrug off the occasional tumble or two, so feel free to get as rough as you’d like.

And just in time for the festive season, G-shock just dropped some new models, decked out in futuristic transparent accents, that are sure to turn heads at the gym, or on the streets.

Moleskine Ellipse Smart Writing Set

Price: S$280 at amazon.sg

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set straddles that precious position between being a joke gift, and the most awesome thing ever.

You see, the writing set consists of a paper notebook with especially encoded paper and a smart pen that works together to automatically digitalise whatever you scribble in said notebook. 

This means you can create instant soft copies of your notes and drawings, and even pair them with an audio recording.. 

Your digitised writings can also be edited, annotated, searched, organised or seamlessly shared with colleagues or collaborators. 

The applications for this tech-enabled notebook-and-pen set are countless. Imagine instant meeting minutes, or interactive real-time idea sharing. A time and effort-saving gift for anyone who needs to write and transcribe copious amounts of notes.

Huawei Freebuds Lipstick

Price: S$298 at shopee.sg

What do you get for the girlfriend who is both sophisticated and a music lover? The Huawei Freebuds Lipstick, which, despite its name, is not actually a lipstick.

Instead, it is a set of wireless earbuds hidden in a charging case designed to look like a high-end version of a common beauty necessity. Finished in luxurious tones of black and gold, with the earbuds cast in an astonishing red, this is one stunning product made for the discerning, modern woman.

And in case you think it’s all flash and no substance, know that the Freebuds Lipstick features dual-mic noise cancellation technology, and is smart enough to automatically select the most suitable setting (there are ten in total) for the listening environment you’re in. 

The earbuds offer up to four hours of playback, on a single charge, with the case adding another 18 more. 

Nintendo Switch OLED

Price: S$510 at Lazada

The immensely popular Nintendo Switch gaming console recently got a bigger, brighter OLED screen, making what was an already highly rated device even more acclaimed. 

While some pundits were disappointed that it wasn’t quite the full upgrade they were hoping for, the release of the improved OLED version means that the “Switch Pro or 2” is even less likely to be released anytime soon (owing to the global shortage of microchips, among other factors). 

This, in turn, makes now the best time to buy the Nintendo Switch OLED, if you or someone you know has been thinking of getting it.

And in case you’re still hesitating, check out the huge library of excellent games and we’re sure any lingering doubts will soon evaporate.  

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