Is Charging Your Omnidesks & Secretlab Chairs To Your Singtel Bill A Good Idea?

Denise Bay

Denise Bay

Last updated 08 April, 2021

You can now split your Omnidesk and Secretlab purchases into 24 monthly instalments if you’re a Singtel Fibre Broadband customer.

Looking to upgrade your home office with an Omnidesk and a Secretlab chair to make your work-from-home life a tad more comfortable? Singtel Fibre Broadband customers have another option — purchase these lifestyle products via Singtel’s premium add-on service and have them billed alongside their monthly Fibre Broadband subscription bill. 

This is available exclusively for existing Singtel Fibre Broadband customers who have completed at least six months of their contract duration. 

Read on to find out if it’s cheaper to charge your Omnidesk and Secretlab chair to your Singtel bill or if it’s a better deal to buy directly from Omnidesk and Secretlab. We’ve taken the liberty to compare prices so you don’t have to.  

If you’re interested in the Omnidesk Pro 2020

 Direct purchase from OmnideskPurchase from Singtel 
Instalment amount$253.33$30
No. of instalments 324
Total cost $760$720


The usual monthly instalment for the Omnidesk Pro 2020 is $33. This would take the total cost up to $792. With Singtel’s reduced monthly instalment of $30, the total cost for the Omnidesk Pro 2020 is $720. 


If you were to purchase directly from Omnidesk, you can split your $760 bill into three fees- and interest-free instalments when you check out with Hoolah or Rely, major BNPL players in Singapore

Plus, Hoolah and Omnidesk have partnered to run a promotion from now till 25 April 2021. Depending on your total bill amount, you could enjoy up to $170 off your total bill when you use the promo code and check out using Hoolah. But of course, you don’t have to be a Singtel Fibre Broadband customer to enjoy this deal. 

The promo codes are as follow: 

  • HOOLAH40 - $40 OFF $480
  • HOOLAH70 - $70 OFF $800
  • HOOLAH110 - $110 OFF $1200
  • HOOLAH170 - $170 OFF $1800

With the $40 discount, the cost of your standalone Omnidesk Pro 2020 will be comparable to the $760 that Singtel offers. However, if you get certain add-ons, such as monitor arms, desk mats, desktop organisers, or even a beverage holder, definitely consider using the Hoolah promo codes to shave off the total cost of your Omnidesk and accessories.  

If you’re interested in the Secretlab OMEGA 2020 Gaming Chair

Secretlab SoftWeave® fabricDirect purchase from SecretlabPurchase from Singtel 
Instalment amount$176.33$20
No. of instalments 324
Total cost $529$480
PRIME™ 2.0 PU LeatherDirect purchase from SecretlabPurchase from Singtel 
Instalment amount$166.33$18
No. of instalments 324
Total cost $499$432


The usual monthly instalment for the SoftWeave® Fabric variation of the Secretlab OMEGA 2020 chair is $22; this would take the total cost up to $528. With Singtel’s reduced monthly instalment of $20, the total cost for the chair is $480. 

For the PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather variation of the OMEGA 2020 chair, the usual monthly instalment is $21, which would take the total cost up to $504. With Singtel’s reduced monthly instalment of $18, the total cost for the chair is $432. 

The purchase through Singtel comes with a three-year warranty and all attachments. 


You can choose to pay four interest-free instalments with Grab or three interest-free instalments with Rely or Hoolah when you purchase the Secretlab OMEGA 2020 chair directly from Secretlab. 

While the Secretlab prices are higher compared to Singtel’s, keep in mind Secretlab lets you extend your free warranty from three to five years at no extra cost. Terms and Conditions apply. According to Secretlab, the additional two years of warranty coverage is valued at US$50. 

Needless to say, you’ll have more options when you buy directly from Secretlab. The Secretlab OMEGA 2020 chair in PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather is available in 27 variants, with prices starting from $499. 

The SoftWeave® fabric version is available in four variants, with prices starting from $529.

Is it a good idea?

Omnidesks and Secretlab chairs aren’t the only lifestyle products you can get your hands on via Singtel’s premium add-on service. Other products that are available at this time include: 

  • Samsung Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV TU7000 Series 7
  • Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop
  • Dyson Cyclone V10 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum
  • Nespresso VertuoPlus White Coffee Machine 
  • ...and more!

It pays to do your homework to compare and calculate before deciding if purchasing via Singtel is a good idea. You might also want to consider your financial standing: do you really need to spread out your payments over 24 months? 

Remember, Singtel’s add-on deals are tied to their Fibre Broadband plans; if you terminate your fibre broadband subscription before the minimum subscription period is up, an early termination charge will apply. 

Those who are chasing credit card rewards might also want to give it a think. Most credit cards don’t offer cashback, points or miles when you use them to pay your bills; the exception is if you’re using bill payment services and are willing to pay a fee in exchange for those credit card rewards. 

If you’re thinking of purchasing directly from Omnidesk or Secretlab, use a rewards credit card. Hoolah and Rely let you earn credit card rewards while you pay your instalments.

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