8 Ways to Get the Most Shopee Cashback, Vouchers & Discounts

Emma Lam

Emma Lam

Last updated 28 March, 2022

Who likes paying full prices online these days? If anything, it seems like there’s a coupon or discount for everything. You just have to know the right places to look.

Hands up if you’re a coupon menace or discount fiend when it comes to online shopping. In this digital day and age, it’s more uncommon to find people who don’t spam coupon codes or don’t capitalise on limited-time promotions and discounts, especially flash sales. 

Not to mention, tagging purchases onto shopping or cashback credit cards makes spending money more enticing and effortless, emptying our wallets faster than we’d like to admit.

Since Shopee’s rise to prominence, flash sales and month-long promotions have all become synonymous with this e-commerce giant. The angel dates 1.1, 2.2, 3.3 (and so on) compounded with Public Holidays and special days are all just begging to be commercialised, right? 

Jokes aside, if you want to learn the bargain-hunting ropes on Shopee to save yourself a few coins, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll delve into eight Shopee hacks to help you kickstart your shopping spree for whatever the occasion!

1. Collecting daily vouchers

Source: Shopee

Whether new or veteran, every Shopee user would’ve come across the glorious discount and cashback vouchers issued daily on the platform, free for all to claim, subject to a first-come-first-serve basis. 

The rebates offered are fairly generous, spanning 8% to 12% cashback in Shopee coins with no minimum spending, capped at their respective limits. 

Cashback vouchers

Featured Brands (L); Brands Spotlight (R)
Source: Shopee

In addition, the vouchers are categorised according to three selections: Featured Vouchers, Top Vouchers and Seller Vouchers

Under these selections, the vouchers are either applicable to ‘All Categories’ or further grouped into their individual categories like ‘Electronics’, ‘Home Appliances’, ‘Fashion’ and more. 

Discounts can also be arranged by brands under Featured Brands and Brands Spotlight, for those seeking a more curated catalogue.

Since it’s the fastest fingers first, be sure to grab these vouchers either at midnight or set an alarm at the crack of dawn (if you’re hardcore) to clinch them without worry.

How to access vouchers

  1. Click on your profile (top right for web, bottom right for mobile) 
  2. Click on ‘My Vouchers’ to see your overview of your purchased and claimed vouchers
  3. Recommended vouchers based on your past searches can also be found here

2. Daily flash sales – S$0.10 and S$0.01 deals & coupons

With inflation consistently on the rise, anything costing a meagre S$0.10 or S$0.01 just sounds too good to be true – thankfully, there's Shopee’s (neverending) daily flash sales!

Personally, I find that Shopee’s browsing functionalities are better integrated into its mobile app. I couldn’t find the daily flash sale tabs on browser mode but instantly found them on the app. Thus upon opening the app, you should see two tabs called Daily $0.10 Sales and $0.01 ShopeePay Near Me

Source: Shopee

Daily S$0.10 Flash Sales

Clicking into Daily $0.10 Flash Sales will redirect you to a special page featuring loads of attractive, cheap S$0.10 and S$0.99 deals. Both these flash sales operate by the hour; that means once the time limit is up, the product roster will be refreshed accordingly.

Eg. of time limit: Flash deals running from 12pm, 6pm, 10pm
Source: Shopee

Moreover, there are also great promotions under S$0.50, S$0.99, and S$1.99 that aren’t time-sensitive by the hour. Nonetheless, I believe that these ‘Under ____’ deals are refreshed daily, so do browse through these catalogues if you can too!

E.g. of 'Under ____' deals
Source: Shopee

S$0.01 ShopeePay Near Me

Moving on to those with their ShopeePay e-wallet set up, take advantage of the insane S$0.01 flash ShopeePay Discounts and ShopeePay Vouchers happening daily. 

For a ridiculously low price, users can purchase coupons from a plethora of their favourite food vendors like Boost, I Love Taimei, Milksha, Pezzo and more. Similarly, these S$0.01 discounts also come in hourly time-sensitive and regular daily flash sales, depending on the vendor.

Hour-sensitive S$0.01 ShopeePay vouchers (L); Regular S$0.01 ShopeePay vouchers (R)
Source: Shopee

From personal experience, these S$0.01 ShopeePay discounts have definitely come in clutch whenever I was feeling peckish or craving a sweet, booster drink. 

With a decent variety of vendors available on ShopeePay, you can probably find a vendor to satisfy your hunger and/or sweet tooth easily just about anywhere.

3. Check in daily for coins

Source: Shopee

Speaking of Shopee Coins Rewards Page, don’t forget to check in daily to reap a few easy coins. The coins earned is scaled based on the number of consecutive attendance days logged in your account. 

Yes, the higher your attendance streak, the more coins you stand to earn. At this juncture, it’s worth noting that 1 Shopee Coin = S$0.01. Although this value seems minuscule at face value, remember, every coin eventually adds up to greater discounts.

For instance, my current 674 coins are equivalent to S$6.74 in discounts. Consistency does pay off, literally!

4. Harvest some rewards on Shopee Farm

If you have a penchant for giveaways and gaming, you should definitely check out Shopee Farm. There are various interesting mechanics available to earn coins daily here. 

To start, users will have to plant a seed of their choice where each seed either offers a chance to earn Shopee cashback and discounts or win lucky draws. 

Source: Shopee

From here, we can see that planting the first seed on the list will reward us with either two to six coins or win a pack of Pokka Sparkling Juice. The main objective is to plant the seed and water it regularly until it flourishes. 

Of course, there are a bunch of other mechanics like shaking the tree, claiming free water, or gifting your friends to earn more resources towards nurturing your tree even better. Admittedly, this method of earning discounts and winning giveaways require more consistency and discipline to check in multiple times throughout the day.

So you might want to set a few reminders if you intend to stay committed to your little Shopee sprout.

5. Authenticity guaranteed on Shopee Mall

Source: Shopee Mall

Shopee Mall provides a dedicated shopping space that differs from the typical browsing experience. For many, sieving through lists of unverified vendors and semi-dubious products can be a harrowing encounter with faulty products or failed deliveries. 

Although these tend to be part and parcel of e-commerce, it’s always better to have certainty over a product’s quality and a vendor’s trustworthiness.

Thanks to Shopee Mall, you can shop with peace of mind for authentic items from your favourite brands like Physiogel, Yishion, Olay, Hua Wei and more.

The guarantee of a product’s quality is assured through Shopee Mall’s free 15-day full return policy. Moreover, if you hit the vendor’s minimum spending, you’ll be entitled to free shipping.

All in all, it’s a pretty cohesive shopping journey from browsing to delivery.

How to access Shopee Mall

Mobile & WebMobileWeb
#1: Click on ‘100% Authentic Brands’ on the homepage#1: Click on ‘Shopee Mall’ on the bottom bar#1: Search for your item/brand normally in the search bar
#2: Filter the results’ shop type for ‘Shopee Mall’ (top right corner)

Last but not least, there are also featured bank promotions running from time to time, giving you the perfect excuse to sign up for more credit cards.

Source: Shopee

6. Follow shops for extra brand discounts

Source: Shopee

On occasion, you might come across certain brand store pages that give you complimentary voucher pop-ups for following them. These vouchers are separate from Shopee’s vouchers and are stackable.

After following these brands, you’ll continue to receive special vouchers from them through your Shopee inbox as a sign of gratitude for your patronage. So although the message inbox does develop into spam somewhat over time, it might be worthwhile scanning through it from time to time for any worthwhile brand promos.

7. Unlock member tiers for ultimate rewards

Source: Shopee

Arguably, one of my more recent discoveries is that Shopee finally has a member tier system. I’m not sure when this feature was finally introduced, but I reckon it was only a matter of time. 

Currently, I am a Silver Member on Shopee and have unlocked a basket full of rewards like S$5 off voucher (min. S$50 spend), two 8% cashback vouchers monthly and even a birthday voucher (min. S$30 spend)!

As it stands, maintaining my Silver Member status requires me to spend at least S$250 and make 15 orders to keep my perks and benefits.

Obviously, each member tier has a different set of spending requirements regarding the amount and number of orders. Hence, meeting those respective tiered criteria will unlock their corresponding rewards, with better rewards being allotted the higher you go.

How to access member tier (App only)

  1. Click on ‘Me’ at the bottom bar
  2. Scroll to find ‘Shopee rewards’ along with your member tier being shown
  3. Click into it to discover all your tiered rewards and membership maintenance requirements

8. Participate in Shopee’s ongoing events

Source: Shopee

There’s never a moment where Shopee isn’t running a promotional event, especially their monthly events. For instance, their 4.4 Shopee Hunt promotions are currently in progress, where users are challenged to locate ducks and win up to S$400 Shopee vouchers. 

All of the instructions on how to participate can be found on the event banner page, involving tasks such as topping up your Shopee wallet, joining their ShopeePay Telegram channel, watching Shopee Live for clues, and the list goes on.

The instructions differ from event to event; the above is just one example of what you might expect.

Tracking promos and discounts aren’t easy

Honestly, keeping tabs on your Shopee cashback vouchers and coupons can be overwhelming. 

Particularly with how Shopee’s campaigns virtually (no pun intended) run consecutively non-stop, deciphering how to achieve and manage your discounts can get incredibly muddled and troublesome.

If you prefer a more clear-cut way of obtaining cashback monthly, credit cards are a great way to do so.

With more direct minimum spend requirements and purchase categories to meet, earning cashback becomes more straightforward and less convoluted.

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Although she struggles *slightly* in resisting good deals and sales, Emma is on a lifelong journey to understand what financial independence as a Z-llennial means. That said, her inner child is still very much alive… with animals and gaming being her weaknesses.


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