DBS Travel Insurance Review 2024: High Coverage, Flexibility & Low Premiums

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 08 December, 2023

DBS TravellerShield Plus stands as one of the best travel insurance plans on the market, with the uncanny ability to fit almost any type of itinerary. But unfortunately, this plan stumbles when addressing the needs of those with pre-existing conditions.

Underwritten by Chubb, DBS TravellerShield Plus makes good use of synergies in the insurer’s well-established network of insurance products. The result is an attractive combination of high coverage, wide range of benefits, and competitive premiums. 

This is an alluring package for sure, but does it mean DBS TravellerShield Plus is the ideal travel insurance plan? In many instances, yes, but not if you happen to have pre-existing conditions. 

If you are still deciding on which insurance to buy for your getaway, let’s take a closer look to find out the pros and cons of this travel insurance.

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DBS TravellerShield Plus offers three comprehensive travel insurance plans to meet various needs. These plans provide coverage for unexpected trip cancellations, medical emergencies abroad, including hospitalisation and medical evacuation, as well as travel delays, baggage loss, and personal liability.


Product Information

TravellerShield Plus Classic Plan

  • Overseas Medical Expenses: Up to S$300,000
  • Trip Cancellation: Up to S$5,000
  • Baggage Loss: Up to S$3,000

TravellerShield Plus Premier Plan

  • Overseas Medical Expenses: Up to S$500,000
  • Trip Cancellation: Up to S$10,000
  • Baggage Loss: Up to S$5,000

TravellerShield Plus Platinum Plan

  • Overseas Medical Expenses: Up to S$1,000,000
  • Trip Cancellation: Up to S$15,000
  • Baggage Loss: Up to S$8,000


Key Benefits

  • COVID-19 Coverage: Included in all plans.
  • Adventure Activities: Coverage for activities like bungee jumping, scuba diving and more.
  • Trip Protection: Benefits for travel delays over 6 hours, however with a maximum of S$100 for delay in Singapore.

Comparing DBS Travel Insurance to Other Plans

DBS TravellerShield Plus Classic
DBS TravellerShield Plus Premier
DBS TravellerShield Plus Platinum
NTUC Income Travel Insurance
NTUC Income Enhanced PreX
TIQ Travel Insurance
TIQ Travel Insurance Pre-Ex
Price (per week)
Overseas Medical Expenses
Up to S$300,000
Up to S$500,000
Up to S$1,000,000
Emergency Evacuation
Combined with Medical Expenses
Combined with Medical Expenses
Trip Cancellation
Up to S$5,000
Up to S$10,000
Up to S$15,000
Travel Delay
Up to S$1,000
Up to S$1,500
Up to S$2,000
Baggage Loss
Up to S$3,000
Up to S$5,000
Up to S$8,000
Baggage Delay
S$150 every 6 hours (max S$600)
S$150 every 6 hours (max S$900)
S$150 every 6 hours (max S$1,200)
S$200 every 6 hours (max S$1,000)
S$200 (S$100 every 6 hours)
COVID-19 Coverage
COVID-19 Coverage (Pre-Existing Conditions)
Yes (Add-on)


DBS TravellerShield Plus provides a variety of travel insurance plans with different coverage levels and costs. Let's see how it compares to offerings from other travel insurance providers like NTUC Income and Tiq Travel Insurance.


  • Medical Expenses & Emergency Evacuation: While DBS plans offer decent protection, options from Tiq boast higher limits, especially for more premium packages.
  • Trip Cancellation & Delay: All providers offer trip cancellation and delay coverage, but the extent of coverage varies. DBS TravellerShield Plus Classic might be suitable for shorter trips with lower costs, while other plans could be a better fit for longer or pricier ventures.
  • Baggage and Delay: DBS coverage for lost or delayed baggage generally on par compared to other providers. DBS Platinum and NTUC Income Enhanced PreX stands out with the most generous limits, particularly for baggage loss.
  • COVID-19 Coverage: DBS plans include basic COVID-19 coverage, whereas NTUC Income automatically includes it, and Tiq offers it as an add-on.


  • DBS TravellerShield Plus maintains competitive pricing across their plans. NTUC Income can be slightly more expensive, while Tiq generally falls within a similar price range as DBS.

Pre-Existing Conditions:

  • DBS plans don't explicitly address pre-existing medical conditions. Consider providers like NTUC Income's Enhanced PreX plans specifically designed for travellers with pre-existing conditions, although they come with higher premiums.

In Conclusion:

For travellers with basic or moderate travel needs and no major pre-existing medical conditions, DBS TravellerShield Plus Premier offers a good balance between affordability and coverage. However, if you require extensive medical coverage, have pre-existing conditions, or plan a longer or more expensive trip, exploring options from NTUC Income and Tiq might be more advantageous. You can compare specific plan details, inclusions and their promotions such as exclusive discounts or promo codes before making your final decision.

DBS Travel Insurance Plans Review

Plan Types and Benefits
Policy Cover
Single trip, annual multi-trip
Single trip, annual multi-trip
Single trip, annual multi-trip
COVID-19 Benefits
Adventurous Activities
Not covered
Pre-Existing Conditions
Available for additional charge
Available for additional charge
Available for additional charge
Overseas Medical Expenses
S$300,000 (COVID-19: S$50,000)
S$500,000 (COVID-19: S$100,000)
S$1 million (COVID-19: S$200,000)
Continuation of Medical Treatment in Singapore
Hospital Confinement Benefit
Overseas: S$200/day (up to S$10,000), Overseas (ICU): S$400/day (up to S$4,000), COVID-19: S$100/day (up to S$700), In Singapore: S$100/day (up to S$500)
Overseas: S$200/day (up to S$30,000), Overseas (ICU): S$400/day (up to S$5,600), COVID-19: S$100/day (up to S$1,400), In Singapore: S$100/day (up to S$1,500)
Overseas: S$200/day (up to S$50,000), Overseas (ICU): S$400/day (up to S$6,000), COVID-19: S$100/day (up to S$1,400), In Singapore: S$100/day (up to S$2,000)
Emergency Evacuation, Repatriation and Travel Assistance
Emergency medical evacuation: S$1 million, Repatriation: S$50,000, Repatriation (mortal remains): S$50,000, Travel assistance: As arranged
Emergency medical evacuation: S$1 million, Repatriation: S$50,000, Repatriation (mortal remains): S$100,000, Travel assistance: As arranged
Emergency medical evacuation: S$1 million, Repatriation: S$50,000, Repatriation (mortal remains): S$100,000, Travel assistance: As arranged
Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation Due to COVID-19
Accidental Death and Disablement
Public Conveyance Double Cover
S$1 million
Travel Cancellation
S$5,000 (COVID-19: S$2,500)
S$10,000 (COVID-19: S$5,000)
S$15,000 (COVID-19: S$7,500)
Travel Curtailment
S$5,000 (COVID-19: S$2,500)
S$10,000 (COVID-19: S$5,000)
S$15,000 (COVID-19: S$7,500)
Loss or Damage to Baggage
Adventurous Sports (Bungee jumping, paragliding, skydiving, hot-air ballooning, helicopter rides for sightseeing, canoeing or white-water rafting up to Grade 3, jet skiing, scuba diving up to 30m, skiing or snowboarding within official ski resorts, hiking or mountaineering up to 3,000 m above sea level)
Not covered
Home Contents Cover
Terrorism Extension
Automatic Policy Extension
Other Notable Features
Hotel extension benefits- Rental vehicle excess (up to S$1,500) and additional costs (up to S$1,000)

DBS Travel Insurance Plans and Pricing

Mid-Industry Average
1 adult, 7 days in Thailand
S$30.00Pre-ex add-on: S$47.60
S$35.60Pre-ex add-on: S$60.50
S$48.80Pre-ex add-on: S$89.03
1 adult, 7 days in Japan
S$40.00Pre-ex add-on: S$59.37
S$47.20Pre-ex add-on: S$77.00
S$60.80Pre-ex add-on: S$108.52
1 adult, 7 days in United Kingdom
S$60.80Pre-ex add-on: S$93.51
S$72.00Pre-ex add-on: S$119.38
S$86.00Pre-ex add-on: S$156.48

We’ve gotten some quotes for 7-day trips to various destinations for a quick gauge of how much DBS TravellerShield Plus travel insurance costs. The premiums for base coverage are quite competitive, but the add-on for pre-existing conditions are quite costly. 

In summary, here’s how much you can expect to pay for DBS TravellerShield Plus. 

  • For a 7-day trip in Southeast Asia, the premiums range from S$30.00 to S$48.80, and a further S$47,60 to S$89.03 for the pre-ex add-on.
  • For a 7-day trip in the Asia-Pacific region, the premiums range from S$40.00 to S$60.80. The pre-ex add-on will cost between S$59.37 to S$108.52 extra.
  • For a 7-day trip in Europe, premiums cost between S$60.80 to S$86.00. Pre-ex coverage is available at an additional S$93.51 to S$156.48.

Benefits: Is DBS Travel Insurance Good?

This section will dive deeper into the specifics of DBS TravellerShield Plus and let you consider the various benefits it offers. We'll take a closer look at the coverage provided for medical emergencies, trip disruptions, and more, helping you decide if DBS plans aligns with your travel needs.

Overseas Medical and Hospitalisation Benefits

DBS TravellerShield Plus offers among the highest coverage levels for overseas medical expenses, topping out at S$1 million. But what would be likely more useful is the benefits for follow-up medical treatment in Singapore, which will help you preserve your Medisave funds for later use.

Another plus point is the hospital confinement benefits, providing an additional buffer for you and your family to cope with extra expenses. While overseas, you will be entitled to cash benefits of S$200/day, and double that for ICU stays. When hospitalised in SIngapore, or due to COVID-19, you will receive S$100/day instead.

Emergency Evacuation and Personal Accident Benefits

Another area where DBS TravellerShield Plus shines is the personal accident benefits. In case of death or permanent disablement, you will receive a lump-sum payout of S$150,00, S$300,000 or S$500,000, depending on the plan tier you choose. 

Should the accident happen on public conveyance, these payouts are doubled, which means a payout of up to S$1 million is possible. 

When emergency medical evacuation is required, you are protected with up to S$1 million in benefits (all tiers); this puts the widest range of options at your fingertips. For repatriation back home, the limit is up to S$50,000 per insured person, while for mortal remains, up to S$100,000 coverage is provided (Premier and Platinum).

However, if emergency evacuation and repatriation is required due to COVID-19, the coverage limits are lowered to S$50,000, S$100,000 or S$200,000, depending on plan tier.

Travel Inconvenience 

DBS TravellerShield Plus insurance continues the theme of higher-than-average coverage for travel cancellations and curtailment, and also for damage or loss of luggage and personal items. 

Should your trip be cancelled or cut short, you can receive up to S$5,000, S$10,000 or S$15,000 in benefits. These are reduced by half in the event of COVID-19, though.

As for loss or damage to luggage and belonging, you are protected for up to S$3,000, S$5,000 or S$8,000. There is also a separate benefit for travel documents, which leaves more coverage of the rest of your travel stuff. 

List of DBS Travel Insurance Exclusions

We’ve highlighted some general exclusions in DBS TravellerShield Plus. Be sure to check the policy wording for the full list of exclusions:

  • Self-inflicted injury or suicide
  • Complication of pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage (except accidental miscarriage) or abortion
  • Activities while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Professional sports or competitions with expectation of prizes
  • White water rafting Grade 4 and above
  • Scuba diving unless PADI certified
  • Mountaineering, or trekking above 3,000 metres
  • Travelling against the advice of a Physician, or for the purposes of seeking medical attention
  • Loss or damages with respect to Cuba (this policy does not cover travel to Cuba)
  • War, whether declared or undeclared

DBS TravellerShield Plus Travel Insurance Pros and Cons

Among the highest coverage for overseas medical expenses, travel inconveniences and personal accidents with public conveyance double cover 
Add-on for pre-existing conditions can be costly, and benefits are curtailed
Adventurous activities, golfers’ cover, and rental car excess covered by default
Home contents coverage of up to S$20,000, included in base plan

If coverage variety matters to you, DBS TravellerShield Plus would make a great choice on account of its competitive premiums. 

Another advantage is how flexible this plan is, with a wide-ranging scope of coverage including cruise-to-nowhere, adventurous activities and rental car excess and benefits, making this a plan that fits into almost any type of travel itinerary.

One sticking point, though, is the high cost of pre-existing conditions cover, as well as low coverage levels offered, compared to the plan’s regular benefits.

But besides that, there’s plenty to like here, and travellers shouldn’t overlook DBS TravellerShield Plus underwritten by Chubb when choosing a travel insurance plan.

DBS Travel Insurance Claim

Follow these steps to know how to make a claim against your DBS TravellerShield Plus insurance policy. For further details, refer to the claims guide page.

  • Step 1: Prepare the necessary documents, including:
    • Claims form
    • Travel itinerary
    • Police report
    • Receipts and invoices
    • Hospital reports and medical bills
    • Personal details
  • Step 2: Submit your claims online at the DBS Claims Submission portal. 
    • Your claims will be processed within 7 working days.
    • You may choose to receive approved claim payouts via FAST or PayNow.
  • For emergencies or further enquiries like amend travel details, cancel policies or more:
    • Overseas emergency assistance: Call 24-hr Chubb Assistance at +65 6322 2132
    • Claims enquiries: Contact Chubb Customer Service
      • Call +65 6398 8797 (Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am to 5.00pm, excluding Public Holidays)
      • Email to dbscs.sg@chubb.com

Detailed Review of Best Travel Insurance in DBS

DBS provides a range of travel insurance plans tailored to meet different needs and budgets. Here's a closer look at the Travellershield Plus Classic, Premier, and Platinum plans based on coverage details and customer feedback:

Classic Plan

The Classic plan is a favourite among individuals and families seeking affordable yet reliable coverage. It's particularly suited for regional trips, offering essential protection without high costs. This plan includes overseas medical expenses up to S$300,000, with COVID-19 related medical costs covered up to S$50,000.

Additionally, it offers trip cancellation and curtailment benefits, each up to S$5,000. This plan is ideal for budget-conscious travellers who need basic travel protection.

Premier Plan

DBS TravellerShield Plus Premier plan offers enhanced coverage, making it well-suited for longer international trips. It is praised for its balanced protection and additional benefits, such as travel delay and baggage loss. This plan covers overseas medical expenses up to S$500,000, with COVID-19 related medical costs up to S$100,000.

The Premier plan also includes coverage for adventurous activities, providing significant peace of mind. It offers trip cancellation and curtailment benefits up to S$10,000, including COVID-19 related benefits. This plan is perfect for those looking for a mix of affordability and comprehensive coverage.

Platinum Plan

Lastly, the Platinum plan serves as the most comprehensive option, ideal for those travelling to remote or high-risk areas. It offers extensive coverage limits and additional perks. This plan covers overseas medical expenses up to S$1 million, with COVID-19 related medical costs up to S$200,000. It also offers higher limits for trip cancellation and curtailment, each up to S$15,000, including COVID-19 related benefits.

The Platinum plan includes coverage for adventurous activities, home contents cover up to S$20,000, and a public conveyance double cover up to S$1 million. This DBS travel insurance plan is best for travellers who want the highest level of protection.

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